Selfie lete hai..

Last year a new term got added to the urban dictionary, Selfie. Its become a phenomenon lately. All those polaroid pictures and all those, sir can you please take our picture has gone for a toss. I miss those times when we used to ask people around for taking pictures. Now we just click. They invented a freaking selfie stick too. This shows how our friends have got busy. We used to make plans with friends and go out for a beer or food. Now i see many people alone like me sitting in the downtown bar having beer and clicking selfies. I still need to get along with this phenomenon. This also means we are more independent now. We can go out even if friends are busy. Capture our deeds and share them with the world. This has changed the photography world. We can fall of a plane, stand on top of statue in brazil, mount everest, roller coaster and click pictures. Instagram and snapchat have earned the most in last few years.

This means we are more out going and go getters. However the only loss is we can’t share those moments with friends. Everything has a pro and con. Selfie has its own share. But i see the advantages since at my age, most of the friends are married or having children. A nomad like me, sits in a bar, have beer, smoke and just chill with other single people.

Not bad, eh! :)

Think about it….

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Unfair is beautiful Indeed!!

Thanks to Taarini, my mind ran a few paces on the path of a new kind of racism building up in India today. It got me thinking a new disease that had entered and now has deep roots in the society. A month back we saw Yami Gautam jokes on fairness and products. We have been divided by this bridge. Its gone so mad that we want our kids to be either fair or married to someone fair. A complete piss off that is. Did you know half of the Indians are wheatish or dusky and its not a curse. Its coz we are made like that. I am fair i agree and not saying this out of pity or something but dusky girls equally hot as the fair ones. In my personal view they are much more hotter than fair ones. They are just more attractive to me.. :) .. But ye duniya badi gol hai.. Once upon a time bunch of idiots found fair women better and now everyone wants the same. Its like men are dogs and prefer golden retrievers over labs. Not to take this personally.. Actually take it personally coz if you can’t respect anyone, don’t even expect it back from me.. Beauty is not about the color but overall personality.

You want an example? Take Nandita Das and Lindsay Lohan for example. Both are talented in their fields. Both were cute and hot at some point of time. But one had brains and other, lets just say did not know she had brain too, so where do they land. The latter looks much more older than former. Nandita on one hand, the most beautiful dusky woman i have seen, strong, beautiful mind, hot features, sexy and intellectual. The other… No comments..

Its better to have an unfair color than an unfair brain which cannot tell us that we are being morons.

To top of all we have those advertisements. Its funny coz we teach our children not to be fooled by them and forget that when it comes personally.

I mean y the fuck all those fairness ads and when that wasn’t enough we are turning men also into females. Men are supposed to be manly. Pedi, meni, waxing, threading, etc…. I wont comment on these but men are not supposed to be like that. Anyways everyone has a choice of sexual orientation. So,coming,back to topic in hand. UNFAIR IS BEAUTIFUL … Period..

You need a person in your life or a creamy mannequin??

Think about it….

Rider in Heaven…

Driving an Enfield down the highway through the cold winds of Himalayas, I see life go by. The shepherds, the mountain girls and boys and the mountain range seem so perfect. There is peace and there is a pleasant joy in this wind. My aviators seem to be frozen and are the only help I have for my eyes. Stopping by the roadside tea stall and in 9 degrees below freezing point of water, the tea feels like sent from heaven. Though I have kept my Old monk intact and my Marlboro close, there is a weird sensation in this tea. At my back, is the tea stall owned by a teenage boy named Zothan and in front the snow clad Himalayan range in its full glory shines in morning sun. The sunlight through the snow is the best view ever on this earth. It is the mixture of all the happiness and joy you can imagine.

Before moving on, I sit with my back against the milestone, smoking a cigarette and staring at the hills in front of me. I am a lone rider. It is more peaceful and freedom is all I want. Getting back on the bike, I resume my journey through the road leading to heaven. The bends and turns and the narrow bridge are like woven through the hills. People pass me by in their cars and bikes but all I can hear is chirping of birds, flowing of the stream and falling of the waterfalls. Towns and villages are crossed. Step fields and huts are crossed. And I move on..

There is a pain, in my heart. I have longed for this ride since long. I have waited for this my whole life. And now, changing the gears of the bike and making those turns give me immense pleasure and delight. It’s been long since I left home for this trip. A lot of things were left behind. But this is life, we move on no matter what. Because this is how life goes on. You have to keep moving. You cannot end it on your own. You came to this world with a reason. Till you find that reason and live it, you have to keep moving. I have no clue where I will stay or how it will be there at the end. One good thing about life is you have technology to help you. As i sat on that tea stall 120 KM ago, an app on the phone helped me find stuff. Even the bike is rented from same app, since my own bike is back home and I am really far from home.

Stopping by the Gurudwara and sitting there for half an hour, I talk to an aged sardarji who have been serving here since he was 5 years old. He must be 70 now and still seems joyful and cheerful about the place. When I ask him if he wants to go and move to a city, No, comes the answer. He loves this place and adores the place. And now, so do I.

After eating the langar, I ride again, a fag in my lips as I drive real slow, enjoying the lonely yet amazing road. Reaching the last outpost of India, as I am about to exit the border, I hear a deafening noise of my alarm sounding at a distance. My eyes open and I find myself in my apartment with my girlfriend next to me. Getting up, I moan… “Shit! Tibet is still a dream” …





Chronicles of Rockpire [Version 1.0]

Recently a friend asked me to write about Rockpire – a Rockstar in the making and the journey till now. I wouldn’t say a Rockstar but a passionate outcast trying to find nirvana in the journey and till the destination. the journey started as usual but not in the conventional way where a guy gets a heart break, picks up a guitar and becomes a musician. It was different. It was not love for a person but love towards a cause. The guy is crazy for music as many are. Like many of you, he wasn’t able to work, eat, sleep and do other stuff without music. It was a way of his life. Though he was heartbroken many times but it was just a phase and not a catalyst. All of this started way back on college when he used to bunk college classes and sit on the stairs of his college and wrote songs on freaking and every fucking topic. Be it about life or girl sitting on stairs or descending the stairs or group of friends enjoying on the field. Wherever his thoughts went, his eyes used to find a muse. Then came music to those lyrics. Initially started alone but soon found other people who shared the same interests. I would not say they made it large because it has just started but all the performances till now were satisfying. From being a drummer to a vocalist, he is also the band manager. Many came and many went but ROCKPIRE is still standing and will continue to do so.. It’s not just a name but a way of life.

There have been many things he has seen, many things he is yet to encounter but raising voice and being heard is all he knows. There have been many times when he was termed an Outcast because his thoughts and ways were not aligned to the society’s thinking process. But that has never deterred him from his stand. HE speaks and is heard. He is not walking to get followers but walking to make everyone walk. Deep within he wants things cleaned. Being an outcast never stopped him from caring for society. His eyes are all over the wrong happenings and in some other the other way he is trying to clean things up. HE may succeed and he may lose at times but walking is all he can do.. He cannot control thoughts, right? Even now while writing this post, he is plugged in and Hilight Tribe’s Shankara is playing. I wouldn’t say he is a devotee of Shiva but he finds Shiva’s lifestyle worth living. A vairagya at heart, he has links to the society and is associated with it through music, relations and deeds but in thoughts he is a lone rider. Few years back in school, a teacher who was like a mother to him said “The higher you reach, there will be more people who will try to pull you down and you will alone at the top”. These words are worth remembering since it is the truth. The only difference people cannot understand is, even at the top, he is trying to pull people up who are holding his hand to pull him down. Irony of life or anything. Its the truth.
If anyone looked properly at his designs, blogs, music and way of living.. One could analyze that he is living to make things correct. Though he is never reluctant to end things that are in the process. Just shunning of few things can make everyone perfect. Symphony Of Destruction (Currently playing) is an apt song at this moment.

Life is like the strings of a guitar. Just know the chords and you will make a perfect Symphony…
Praise Oneself with the Strings…

Think about it..

An Outcast Artist
(Trying to make big in his own eyes)


377 becomes “666”

Few days back, a judgment came that the HC’s verdict has been taken back and the section is again illegal. Everyone was shaken and a community became a criminal overnight. What I am about to share is irrespective of whether I am biased or not. I am not one of them but I have friends who are from that community. I am not anyone to comment if it is natural, not natural, god given or any way people wanna perceive. Truth is, it is out there and you can do nothing about it. It was there, It is and will always be. Point is … It is a personal choice. I know people have already spoken that Article 377 violates right to live, etc.. which I am not sure how. It doesn’t mean you can’t live. It just mean you can’t live without a person of same sex. Again, I am not against anyone. This is just how I saw at things. What I am gonna write next shook me up.

Just when I was going through articles in TOI on 377 and LGBT rights. I saw this article of a guy who underwent a surgery to get his penis removed and through surgery got a vagina and breasts implanted in his body in order to stay with the man he loved. I can only sympathize with the guy. But this is naturally wrong. It is like playing with the God’s creation. You should not do that to your body. And this is just one case. There might be more. Just imagine how many would be going through surgeries and changing how there body is made. It is all in the psychology right? You feel you are of not that gender.

This will also create a huge ripple in the sea of illegally changing a person’s gender. A large number of straight people will be forced to changed their genders and then forced into prostitution and begging. It is already going on all across the globe and even in India. Figure this, Mumbai’s dance bars were closed for a reason but they were reinstated in order to stop an increase in prostitution and other heinous jobs.. That was done for a reason.

On the same lines, LGBT should be made legal… People have their own rights and have a sane mind, enough to choose what is good for them and what is not. One person cannot decide whether a million people are criminals or not. It is just not right!!

It is just not HUMAN!!

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