Different Cities/People, Different dressing….

After traveling to various cities and spending different sects of society, I came to a thesis. Every guy/gal today tries to make a statement. This is not only about covering themselves with something that attract other’s attention. This also depends on the resources that are available around them.

Mumbai, people are always running in this city for opportunities, they usually dress casually and end up wearing anything. They feel they are more fashionable than any other city… It may be true but until casual dressing is concerned. Delhi, I feel is more classy. Here, people are casual dressers but when its party time, they are more classy and up tight.. They know what to dress where. Coming to Chandigarh, here people are always ready to attend any goddamn function or party… No casual dressing, they are always uptight!…

Going to any small town, be it Dharamshala/Manali in Himachal or Jodhpur in Rajasthan or Manipal in Karnatka, here people dress according to the need… Middle Cities, people try to follow what people in major cities wear, this can be based on need, resource/brand available or less access to media..they wear n try to copy what they see in order to look good….

As I said, its based on access and availability of resources, you may go to a big store in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh… the available style will be more based on style of city… Availability of brands/designer wear is more… In small towns, they do not have big stores so they wear local brands and try to copy the style of upper brands which is not cool to metropolitan city people… they explain them as wannabes but they forget that these people just wanna look good!!! Based on facts, conflicts between different people from metropolitan cities is far more…. Delhi making fun of Mumbai!!…. Mumbai of Delhi and Chandigarh too somewhere in the race… But everyone forgets, that people have a sense of looking good!! It’s based on taste and culture of the place… No body is a wannabe…


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