The person come in your life and then becomes your life. There is a lot of chance that the person becomes your life or ruins it or even both. Love never really depends on one individual.. Efforts have to be made from both sides. Common, we everyday see status updates, girls quote : ” boys are stupid, they are feeling less “. Boys are seen updating same about girls. So, are both feeling less… If that was the story, humanity doesn’t exist. Looking at the bigger perspective, its not a particular sex which is wrong. A person maybe wrong for you. Not the whole damn gender. And douche bags!! Hey, come out of your box… life doesn’t end. Love can happen again.. Saying that he/she was my first and last love is a lame excuse which we make to ourselves in order to be strong in our eyes. Nobody gives a damn. But imagine, If a person really loves you and you mean love to him/her, what will happen? He/ she will be in a state like you. Remember, your mom, dad loves you. Asshole! you just go over the edge and end life in suicide! You are the biggest looser… Its good he/she left you.

Coming back to the topic. Sorry, I have ADD. I get distracted. And after having 4 beers, and writing a blog is risky! 😉
… Therefore, its not about a person but you too… If you love a person, expect him/her to respond, of they don’t, well one thing is for sure. You are not a looser…!!

I have been in a relationship and not saying this after getting drunk. Yes, its true, sometimes, I am hurt, I abuse… But I never let the world feel sorry for me! I was a Casanova once, maybe now too ( a lil bit). Its also true, I won’t marry in my life… What’s the use?! I am not made for that shit!

The catch is: Enjoy & Live life with a relationship… If it doesn’t work out, don’t blame the whole other sex…


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