Religion today is the most powerful term. It was used to unite people once, but now with the changing times, its surprising that people have forgot the real meaning and now its used as a tool to separate people and to my shock! People who think they have achieved knowledge or so called eternity are be-fooled.

Where are your fucking brains?
Go to a Hindu temple, a Pujaari who is supposed to be of high values and education treats people differently on the basis of money they offer. A douche bag! This is just an example. Church, Masjid and Gurudwara have their own loopholes.

Its not the religion but the humans who have put a bad face on it… Such an image is made that people of our generation have started questioning it. But the fact is, according to Veda (I was just reading before this), things that were explainable were termed as science… Those which could not landed in religion. Religion is nothing more than science… A Science of Faith.

Faith must be within your heart. If you can achieve that you can grow spiritually,
you will no longer need a temple to worship or meditate.
You will find inner peace inside you only right… Not outside!

Think!! Start now!


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