Its very hard times we are living in.. Walking on the road is unsafe not only for women but men too.. Women are victims of rape and men are victim of murders. These murders maybe for just few scratches on the car,etc.. Though the problem lies in the mind of the people n realization that people have. The only jolt is the mind works in mysterious ways. For some it is a vast ocean of knowledge and for some its used for creating worst case scenarios for rest of the people.

One may agree that once we realize something, it not only gives us a push but a pull too. In short, it moves us down to the core. If someone never realizes the sin he has committed, he will never repent for it, even if harsh punishment is levied on him.

Few years back, when I had passed out of the school, a very close friend made me realize not to blindly trust even a close friend. Technically, I should have followed the path but one more realization hit me. If one person is bad, the whole world can not be bad. So, on this path I make close friends with time. I am an emotional fool but I do realize that world is not enough. There are people who are really amazing friends and can be trusted. This was my realization.

This is not restricted to me or the city I am residing. But this is a globally accepted thought.

Think about it…

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