Fuck off..

Everyday in life is not as good as it seems. Though one must be gutsy enough to take the issues by the throat and make them laugh with happiness. One must look beyond the stress and sad elements and find small moments of smiles!

This is where the word “fuck off” comes in. It is the most spoken word and should be used by everyone in order to get rid of issues. Just say the two golden words and you will get an inner strength to hold the problem by its neck. Its not the ultimate solution but does give you support when you are alone. Go for it, kill all issues and be stress free.!

We are living in a world where everything is complex. From a small boy’s toy car to project management in microsoft, everything is so complex that we need tools to support and help our minds. Nothing is this damn world now possible to do from a general idea and an open mind. The environment around us has been created as such by high authorities to keep us below their shoulders!

In short, one day people will come out of their shells(hope they do) and yell out “fuck off” to authorities who have made it a business to ruin normal lives..

Think about it…

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