Today, when I see love…

People in love, couples as we say them look warm and full of life when I see them. Love is a term restricted today to individuals though. How many guys/gals do you find today saying ” I love you ” to friends, family or even their dog! Ahem, funny! But its true, meaning of love has changed. Very few follow the original meaning, today when I see love, its all about money, status, sex and fun. Commitment word seems to have gone out of the window. A girl sees money and how funny he is, status in society, what car he drives. Men are simpler.. They go for looks, looks and looks. Sex also! How can I forget that. 🙂

A girl, picks up a boy, grooms him, changes his style, personality, how he talks, walks and even eat.. She changes everything about him with few words (Janu, honey n most famous “baby”) how can a grown up guy be a baby?? Coming back to point. Sorry for my ADD, after changing him completely, n when his parents can’t recognize him, she leaves, saying “you are not the same anymore, you have changed” I mean WTF? While sex was a way of getting close, it has got a bad name now!

I am not being anti-women, I have more female friends than male ones. My best friend is a female. I respect you. Hence, coming to men. Men are simple indeed. They need sex, looks and pretty much that only. What’s more to say! I said they are simple. Lol. Easy to explain. right?

Its all about in the mind…

I have friends who appreciate love.. I love them… Great People!

Coming to the end..
Love really has changed it face today!! Or should I say, people have changed a lot.. Feelings are no longer considered! They are an expression of the weak.

Think about it…

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2 thoughts on “Today, when I see love…

  1. Pranjala says:

    What you talk about is so true,unfortunately misinterpreted or named as love.This is nothing but a negotiation, a deal, a transaction.Isn’t this what we have been socially trained to do..Guy are always told you’ll have a pretty,fair,slim bride n woman are supposed to look for a financial secure future with her partner.When it’s a deal based on closely thought criteria,it is bound to fade…coz it never came from the heart!
    But I believe,love that touches your heart,refreshes your soul does exist..everyone isn’t fortunate enough to experience it though.It’s too simple an expression for most of the complicated minds to decipher!


    • yeah! and it has become a stigma or a taboo… nobody these days know what feelings are… though some may understand… most do not.. this is what we lack… and this is what binds us and stops us from achieving inner peace.


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