Yeah, you are sensitive Dumbass!!

Walking in the amazing breeze every morning, its the best memory that I have from age when I used to go out in morning for a walk with my grandfather. I made it a habit and never stopped walking. have you ever wondered, how we have changed, today when I go for a jog early morning, I find elderly and few young people running in the ground. The scene changes as I pass by a Gold Gym… Out of the large windows I see, young idiot guns jogging on treadmills in AC. I mean what the F***??!!! The dumbasses pay a freaking amount to just jog and exercise and they feel healthy by just watching the outside view?

I agree the pollution has increased these days and nothing is original. Earlier, butter, ghee and milk were served in every house in north India, people used to work hard and eat healthy.. Now, people have become so sensitive. Its not just girls as a common belief but guys too… They go to saloons to get manicure, pedicure or threading… I mean that’s how a women should look like.. Spending whole day in AC and calling the air outside tacky,??!! (Survival of the Fittest) :).

Coming to food, today one can find the now generation flocking to flashy restaurants and eating clean food. Pasta and cornflakes has taken place of Alloo Parantha with White Butter and Curd with Zeera.. 🙂 I know most of you have your mouths watering but accept it, you are too occupied calculating calories that you forget the real essence of taste. Ever wondered why your forefathers lived a healthy long life and you are afraid you will die any day.. You have shunned yourself from bearing the rough life. You call it posh life, I call it artificial life.

Many things you eat today is adulterated, though some products are still natural. By natural I mean, purified. Eat, Drink, Smell good things but remember, even the flashiest restaurant may not be that pure…

My advice?? Get out of your damn gym some day. Go out for a jog, get up early and you can really find pollution free air… Feel it… Make yourself and your body bearable to changes in nature. Yes, !! the seasonal changes nowadays are a matter of concern. Let your body take some pain and get immune to rough life.


Think about it….


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