The “god” I believe in..

The world has grown so vast and so has the name and kind of gods associated with every region or society. If we start counting now, we cannot complete the list of gods that exists and are worshiped today. Christianity, islam, sikhs, buddhists and jain have one god though. Hindus have so many gods, you easily sweat once you start counting. Apart from these many new religions have come up. People follow them blindly and have forgotten what the term god means. Religion now means money and ways of making more money. Religious and spiritual gurus who once were only responsible of releasing positive energy and reducing worries of men have now dominated a large part of everyone’s lives in every possible ways. These not only include hindu gurus bt from every religion spiritual leaders have become what they should never have.

I feel pity for them. They help in vote banks, turning black money to white money, large scams, etc.. They are eating in our system. People donate large amount of money which should be used to help the poor section of society instead. Few baba and maulvis have account in swiss bank. WTF? And we thought that they have moved ahead of the materialistic world.

Strange times we live in. Really! I am amazed, well educated people who use religion as per a mean of making money.

According to me, Religion is like a penis. If you have it, its good. If you like it and follow it, its great. But do not flaunt it and do not try to shove it in my or anyone’s children’s mouth

Think about it….

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