Who or What and Where is God?

Trying to define God is no easy task. Still, it is possible to get a pretty good picture of who God is, what God is and where God is.

Why can we get a pretty good picture?

It is because God has revealed so much about himself in nature and in written documents.

It is possible to get to know enough about God and the kind of being that He is, so that we can actually have an unshakeable faith in Him. We get to know enough about Him so that we can become His friend and He can become our best friend through thick and thin now and into a glorious future. We can get to know enough about Him so that we can “see” the invisible.

No, we do not know or understand everything about God and we never will, as He is beyond understanding. He will continue to reveal things about Himself into eternity and that will add to the excitement and pleasure of living forever.

There are many gods or mighty ones. Some of these gods are real and some are fictitious or merely viewed as gods. However, there is only one True God, meaning there is only one that is in that category and He is superior to all. He can be called the Supreme God, the Almighty, the Most High, the Creator and by many other titles. Each title describes a different aspect of God.

The book that tells us about the True God is called the Holy Bible. In reality it is not a book but a collection of sixty-six books. The Holy Bible is also the world’s best seller by far. It has had a large influence in human history. It describes itself as being alive. (See Hebrews 4:12)

The Bible reveals his name, what He has done, and how He relates to humans. He tells us about the past, the present and the future.

So, who is God? His name is YHWH (Yahweh, Jehovah). His name appears in the Holy Bible nearly 7000 times. He is the Creator of all things, the things that are visible (material, physical) and the things that are invisible (invisible spirit creatures).

What is God? The Bible says that God is a Spirit. What is a Spirit? We can only guess as we don’t have much information on that yet.

Where is God? God is in a place called “heavens.” We don’t have much concrete information as to what heavens are either, at this time.

To know more about who is God, what is God and where God is; please do your best to inherit everlasting life, for in time more details will be made known to us by God.


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