Sage Of today’s world…

Have you ever thought while sitting that you were meant to do something in this world, maybe earn a lot, be rich, have power
and fame. have you ever wondered why the hell you were born as a human. Or what is there for you to do in this god forsaken
land. Yes? maybe no? The questions sometimes cannot be answered. Can they? We travel to places, temples, places of peace, etc.
But it happens very less that we find all the answers in life. A recent breakup, failing in exams, loss of a close one,
office issues, frustration on the society’s system, etc.. Issues can be many that can lead to disturbance in mind.

Today I am sharing a story of a person I met and understood properly, Though I am still trying to understand him.
As I feel he is not of this world. He came to this world for something above these petty issues. I am not saying he doesn’t
have issues but he looks them as nothing but dust. He was born in this era for a job to perform.Earlier, his name was kept on “Brahma”, but his mother changed his name after “Vishnu”. As a child he was naive, as Brahma, he used to fight for things just as Brahma fights for the status of being a “god”. As he grew up to be a teenager his mind developed and he started showing signs of Vishnu. He had girls around him. His friends included both males and females but ratio of females was higher. He was a protector of all, very friendly and easy going. He was aware of life and death and knew the fears of people around him. He was still naive in the sense of mind as he was developing. It took a lot of time for the development. He has still a lot of miles to complete to attain the knowledge of why the hell he was born. The only difference is that he has got a fair idea.

Now, with change in time and age, he has developed characteristics of “Shiva”. He doesn’t want luxuries. This doesn’t mean
he has got rid of them, it’s just that he is the sage of new era. He dresses like us, uses a smart phone, has access to certain
things but he is here to something more than just earn and get rich. He has started hating man made things. He just uses them and
do not like them. Today, his main aim is to earn respect and smiles across the world. To help people get rid of their negativity.
He wants to take out the sadness, evil, in short negativity out of people, letting them live in happiness.

He now works alone, trying to be an outcast. He is no god but believes god/some supernatural power is inside him. He is a copy of “Shiva”
He is yet to grow more, spiritually, mentally and physically… But soon, Nirvana is not far away….

He is somewhere among you..

Think about him…


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