Free Will…

In this world, we are bound by many restrictions. Parents, friends and peers is what we have in our world. Our personal worlds are divided in 3 spheres with us being at the centre.
1. Things which is ours
2. Things which is not ours
3. Things which can never be ours

We are bound within these 3 worlds, bouncing here and there.

1st includes family, friends, car, property and anything which we can proclaim as ours.

The 2nd one includes everything other than mentioned above. In short, sphere which belong to other’s world.

The 3rd one is the one which belongs to nobody but everyone may/may not have access to it, like mountains, animals, trees…
Things occurring naturally..

Today, we are bound in these spheres. We live in constant fear of losing one’s personal sphere. Man thinks buying property or having kids will leave his impression behind since he is a mortal and eventually have an end. This fear grips him so much that he forgets the real side of life. This fear sometimes leads to destruction of other person’s sphere or even the 3rd sphere that he should not disturb, the nature’s sphere.

Nature treats everyone as same. Humans are no above animals and plants. Everything which starts end in nature/prakriti.
This is a chain of life.
The constant fear of death/failure makes its way into personal sphere and one day everything is lost. A person’s personal and free will is lost in the process of claiming and gathering materialistic things. Running after things that are not ours, we forget that things which are ours need our spiritual and mental attention.

When a man is on his free will, he can win the world and be the king of many spheres. But along with free will, should be a sense of positivity since we are not alone in this world. One has to be positive and perform activities which can help others too.

This free will can only help in making a man free. The moment he makes everyone smile and relax of their worries, he can grow spiritually and attain a satisfaction which is not bound by any wire.

One can never give up materialistic things, I agree, else the world will collapse, but how about using these things for the betterment of the world around us, the world which has given us everything.

Think about it….

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