Life on the move…

Few years back, I was a writer and a lyricist. I moved on to be a blogger but sitting on my laptop/desktop proved to be difficult matter to me as I do not like to sit on one chair whole day. I am a outdoor person. Ready to travel to unknown destinations. Though, its fucking irony that I have a job in IT industry and I handle 3 projects for Microsoft and have to be on one seat. So, I take my laptop to various places and work from there. I hate sitting on a chair in an air conditioned room…

Traveling to different places was fun but it took my writing time away. I was no longer a blogger and writing is something I love deeply. Hence, I got myself a blackberry. I have wordpress app on it and can blog anytime. Most of my blogs are written on the phone only while traveling and sometimes while driving.

Its funny to see that today Google in Mozilla and chrome is opened less and more on a mobile phone. Need directions? What is the need to stop the car and ask a random guy on road… This will also hurt the male ego.
So instead, open up the maps in phone and check it out. Need a girl’s number? open Facebook, check mutual friends, ask around and voila!! she is your soul-mate now!.
Things have become very fast due to internet. Kids abusing at small age and talking about things that we had no clue of when we were their age is surely the power of internet and when it is handy, god help us. 😉 lolzz…

Life has surely changed and has become really fast. Today, if a cellphone hangs for 3 seconds, life stops. If a page loads in a larger amount of time, goddamn, that cellphone just went down the drain. May its soul rest in piece. 🙂

Coming back to my story… Sorry I have A.D.D., I get distracted…. Life has always been in the fast lane for me… So internet on my phone has been a fun and pleasure thing. Though I am good with directions, it helps me to keep myself updated to regular and new stuff. Anytime I hear a song, I download it right away and enjoy it and being a Music Freak, I love the capability. 🙂 On the move, I can find a place to crash. I have a habit of picking my bike / take a bus [Haryana Roadways ;)] and go anywhere, nothing planned before hand so its better to have internet in your hand to at least know the place I am going before reaching the place. Just for the heads up.

Internet on my phone has really made my life fun and up paced…
How about you?

Think about it….

* sent from blackberry *


3 thoughts on “Life on the move…

  1. Wow for a person with your interests, an IT job could be a nightmare but I am sure you find happiness in it too… I think the greatest job for you is to be a travel journalist. You get to write, you get to travel – its a win win… Loved your post and am a follower now…


    • thank you so much… Even I feel I am made to do something better, just stuck here… traveling is something which gives me a high in life.. I dont mind traveling alone, be it my bike, a bus, train or anything…:)


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