Few years back in school, I wanted to be an astronaut who would work for NASA and go to the moon, stars and beyond that. Life was fun and I was enjoying it to the fullest. Who doesn’t? Right? Days and months passed.. Heck! years passed and I found myself on the verge of 10th. Then, I wanted to be a soldier in the Army. Things happened. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Now I am in an IT industry, though I cry about it but life is stable which is a new concern in my life. LOL!!
I like instability. I like changes in my life.

Changes are bound to happen. One wants to do something and other day, he does something else. This is not hypocrisy but a state of mind.
We are very unstable and so is life. But we should be able to adapt to the fact and live with a change. Having the same life is bound to get you bored and you will always go out to find ways to make yourself happy when you are so sad from inside. So be a change for life and let life change around you. Nature has many forms, it changes rapidly. After an autumn and harsh winter, comes the spring and with it comes joy. Same is with life, if today it is bad, it will get better and some day maybe worse but will be best one day.

We have generated a fear in our minds about the changes in life. “Oh my god! what will happen if this changes, why can’t this be permanent?”
But how can anything be permanent when even life is not. Death comes to all right? I am not being dark on this topic. I am just saying that be happy and remove the fear. The fear of “change” makes us do unreal stuff. Even when things are not changing, we develop a fear which is called “What if it changed?”. Every nation is making weapons of destruction with a fear of, what if the other nations changed. Same fear is in individuals with obviously in different perspectives.

So, get rid of this fear. Accept the changes. Coz at the end, a change might be your last change. Enjoy the change next moment. Do not repent.

Think about it….


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