Music Vs. Life

In real life, background music/score doesn’t apply. Agreed? Though in some moments we try to find a song/music running in our minds. We tend to ignore it but sometimes it really is there. Music in life is necessary as it keeps us running and be stable. Like food keeps us satisfied of hunger, water keeps us satisfied of thirst and air keeps us satisfied of internal metabolism to perform activities in our lives, music drives us and keeps us satisfied of our emotions.
After analyzing many of people around me I came to some conclusions.

Ever wondered, how we love to hear romantic music when we are with our loved ones, on a drive or maybe a dinner; how we love to hear rock music or fast paced trance when we are driving at top speed and even when we are walking at times; how we love to listen to classics when we just wanna relax and have fun.
Music actually drives the hormones and nerve cells in our brain. Music can make us calm or make us angry or even make us cry. Don’s agree? Visit Opera and you will find many crying.
In my case, I need music 24×7. While eating, sleeping, driving, working and even in a restroom I need music. I know I am crazy, there are many crazy bastards like me out there ;).

To be sure of my research, I did some practical analysis on my colleagues. I made them hear a particular kind of music for 3 days. There was drastic changes in them. Some one got romantic, some one got high spirited, etc…
When we dope, we listen to psychedelic trance, this kind of music gives us a high. Wrong?? Go and try it.
It has been proven scientifically that music can play amazingly with our brains. It can change the mood, delay or enhance reflexes and even make a person deaf 😛 lmao… in case you listen to it at high pitch like me 🙂

So next time you write “listening to music” as a hobby in your resume…. be precise.. 😉

Think about it….


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