It sounds creepy and you may term as insane but I was thinking while reading in many places that people commit suicide in various methods. Though most of the methods are common. So listing below some of the suicidal methods that are very rare or never used.
10 ways to commit suicide in unconventional way.
1. Getting into a fight with a bull.
2. Pointing a knife to one’s chest and pushing it in.
3. Licking an open electric wire direct from the electric pole.
4. Having mint with cola/sprite.
5. Drinking till the end of road.
6. Getting drown in a drain rather than a clean river.
7. Dressing up like Lady Gaga in meat dress and standing in a national forest.
8. Shoving a dynamite up in ass and blowing it off.
9. Getting run over by an airplane.
10. Slapping all the politicians.

Note – The data mentioned above is based on fiction and has no link to a person living or dead. Well!! Likewise.

*Please do not attempt these at home or under anyone’s supervision*

Think a about it…


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