Tattoo – A Flop / A Fad..

A very old tradition that started centuries back, had faded away decades ago but returned some time back in the west and got transferred to the east as a Fad. Looking towards US/ UK, a tattoo is usually made on one’s body as a symbol or representation of something personal. There a tattoo maybe a portrait of father, mother, a family member or even a dog. It is attached to emotional factor of a person. Few days back, I was watching a show on TLC, which has a tattoo studio forecasted on it, named as “LA Ink”. I love the owner of the show 😉 “Kat Von D”. I love her tattoos and her attitude towards tattoo… On the show, a lady was getting a portrait of her husband who was dying coz of cancer. She wanted him to be on her back, every time she needed him. It was a wonderful episode and an emotional one.

Coming back, In India, tattoo is more of a Fad and show off stuff. Though, many out there consider it the same as I do. But still, awareness needs to be there among the youth. Young guns get inked with random stuff which they don’t have any idea what it will be like once they grow up. Seriously!! I am not kidding. Few months back, I got inked with my grandma’s name, my friend’s & family’s initials and a trishul for Lord Shiva, all embedded in one, also my band/my on stage name “Rockpire” in it.

As I entered, a guy came in and asked the artist that he wants a “heart with a scroll and his girlfriend’s name on the scroll” on his chest. And I was like, “Dude! Do you know what you just said? In your freaking dreams you should do that!” Again, I am not sure what he thought and in 5 minutes, he came and said “Ink an Om on me”. Last thing I know, my hand was banging my head.

I know I am exaggerating above.  But that is what guys/gals do these days. They do not have an idea what a tattoo represents. In few days, they get bored of it and try to manipulate it by removing or covering it. It does cost alot but basic idea of tattoo is lost. One should understand that tattoo is not only for show off but for representing something.

Though I like it when people [Girls! ;)] Come up to me and ask about my tattoo… But this “Cool” thing comes because I have hold onto my tattoo for a long time and this happened because my tattoo had a meaning to it.

So next time you get a tattoo, find a meaning to it so that it never go waste…
Happy Inking…

Think about it…


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