The Common Sense…

In a very bookish language, common sense is not common… This seemed to be a good topic to investigate. Sitting in the South Ex market, New Delhi, I observe people. A very common sight, ladies running around to see which shop is on sale with bags in their hands, I wonder how much will be the blood pressure of their respective husbands in the night. LOL.. That will be a scene. Turning other side, I see school/ college kids having chuski and bhel puri in the sun, seem jovial. It is a lively sight. Then, the view is followed by a girl gazing at me as if I am here to drop a bomb. I look towards my clothes like “Is everything looks OK in me?, Is my zipper open? LOLzz… Is there anything on my shirt?” While the thoughts ran, she came up to me and screamed “Hey Rish! Remember me? I don’t know why can’t you remember me. Are you OK? Any disease?”. With everyone staring in my direction, I am like, “Crap! Do I look sick? What!!”.

Well, I can’t really tell you what she spoke next, but thanks to her classes, she is gone now. She really is short on common sense if there is any.. Good Riddance.

It is actually not about common sense but the human errors. Everyone has sense. Sense to hear, see, taste, feel and shit!, I forgot the last one… Maybe I am short of a sense to remember… No wait! Smell it is and I have got my sense back. \m/ .
In case you noticed, these are all common in all of us, hence called common sense.

So, why do we say that people have no common sense. It may be right for the disabled people but that will be bigotry.
The lady with the smallest bag fells down as there was a step on the path, the small kid talked something idiotic that made others laugh, the hawker was not able to count the money properly and kids duped him.
We can say that the lady was not able to see, kid was in some random thought and hawker was not able to see, feel and hear the notes in his hands.
This can be termed as “You have no common sense.” But on the contrary, these are small human errors. Just like a spelling mistake in the notebook. We make a mistake when we are not thinking. We lose a sense/common sense when we are thinking about something while doing something else. Both the senses clash and go to the thing which has higher priority.

This may lead to errors and not the loss of sense.  Hence the common sense is intact.

Think about it…


6 thoughts on “The Common Sense…

  1. hmmmm thinking : ) I would think it is used so as to denounce a person to the level of having not even the most “common” sense (in your thoughts the same senses that everyone has). When one does something moronic “you have no common sense” may mean you don’t even have the basics that every individual does. just my thoughts : )


  2. The topic of common sense is rather common but we fail to analyze it, at least me. Every time I sit and think, like you, some questions have no answers and for some I need more analysis. Seems like common sense is a vicious circle in itself.

    BTW, how does it feel to sit and write in a market?

    And congrats on Saturday Pick:)


    • Hey saru, hw r u buddy? Saw ur comment on blog. Thanks. I am actually a travel blogger. I used to travel alot so thot of writing also. I am new to the blogging world. Just 2-3 yrs old. Actually, I write songs fr my band, took up writing soon.

      It is fun to sit in markets, bus stands, railway stations, airports, any crowded area and think. I love that kinda blogging, right thru the mind. Without any 2nd thought. My issue is if a thought comes to my mind, I might frget it later, so I write it down then and there. All of my posts except a few on my blogs came up while I was travelling so that’s my story!

      Would love to hear urs


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