Memoirs of an Outcast

At daybreak, I was sitting in my office bus and whilst commuting, I had my earphones plugged in with “Riders on the Storm” playing. I was furthermore reading a newspaper. There was a moment when I was lost. It was suffocating and worse part was, that I was not able to recognize the feeling.

While looking out of the window, motorists going past, green patches rolling in front of my eyes and people going past made me bear in mind one thing. I was not able to relate to even one damn human. Like I was stuck in the null void and spending whole life here is inevitable. There are a lot of notions that rotate around us. The most common is when we do not have anyone in our life to understand what we really are.
On the other front, mates tell me, one has to find the person inside oneself, but the other side of coin is bound to pursue; that is to take oneself out of the equation. One has to stay away from everyone else and keep a distance from the worldly affairs in order to be able to understand oneself and be happy.

There are a lot of queries that keep flowing in the nerves of our brain and keep hitting the cells and tissues which have thinking power.
Why every bad thing happens to me? Why am I stuck in this? What was my mistake? What wrong did I do?

We always have questions to our personal issues while we do not realize that the answers depend on our connection with rest of the world.
Every query has “ME” or “I” in it; my question is how many of your questions are not related to the world that lies outside your soul or body?
This is the first question that you need to find an answer to.

Think about it….


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