Life of a Fag…

Every time I come out of the box, some or the other put his/her mouth to my butt and sucks it… Its embarrassing to see people are not embarrassed. They come running to my handlers who sell me off. My rates have gone high but still I am being sucked. Feels good to be that popular. Its also true that if you are sucking something from my butt, it will be as bad as you are. The smoke/ash that goes into the lungs may soon kill you.

No, I am not saying this so you leave me. Its your personal choice.

Wow! That was a hilarious description my fag. Though, I agree it will some day kill you but let’s look at the pros of smoking.
1. You will get rid of insomnia and point headaches like me.
2. You feel matured.
3. You are relaxed.
4. Its cheaper than other stuff.
5. It helps you overcome over-anxiety and work pressure.
6. Its a good conversation starter.
7. It loosens you up.
8. A good time pass
9. It allows you to leave the materialistic world for few minutes and move into your imaginative world.
10. It let’s you think and work better in stress.

Once, we were in Ladakh, there was nothing to eat at 3 AM. We were on road, driving. It was so cold, must be at least 26 degrees below zero. We would have died that morning but we were saved by our fag. We got down, went by the lake, took fags and smoked. Not did it only give us warmth but boosted us. Near to death experience teaches you a lot.

So signing off this one. Keep a control on the fag. Smoke less. I do not want you to have near to death experience in a negative way..

*posted from blackberry*


12 thoughts on “Life of a Fag…

  1. Uh oh..I chanced upon the wrong post. *strongly against smoking*

    But the blog theme is pretty interesting. And that ad under your post, boasting of weird girly flats at an obscene price with a 30-day return guarantee from Jabong was somehow ironical. πŸ˜›


  2. Rishika says:

    Nice! Though I was proper puzzled over the first few lines. Sucking butt…ewwww! C I didn’t knw cigs r called fags.
    Nt against smoking bt I didn’t knw it cud hv plus points too πŸ˜›
    Only you can make it look good.


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