One crazy sweet girl!

Sitting on the terrace and looking the sun rise was the best moment is used to cherish in life. The time used to stop while the sun rays fell on her adorable little face. Her sparkling eyes filled with vast dreams and appealing divine smile are like jewels shining in the dark moonless night. Every morning she wakes up to a new day and new beginning. Living life on the edge and taking the life by its horns. At one look, she seems to be sugary, sweet and a girl next door but once she gets in the mood she is one crazy bitch. From playing kiddish games on PS to making a mess of the bed, when she gets in the mood, even a psycho will claim she is cracked. πŸ˜›

People have a perception that she is just another girl but few know she is one of a kind and her charisma is of no match. Lazy ass sometimes yet boom, she enters the maniac phase and there is no stopping her. A kid at heart and a woman by brains. She is an amazing example of beauty with brains. A beauty that uses her brains less and listens to heart more. Though she enjoys spending time with friends and loved ones but finds peace in either playing games or doing crazy stuff. She is all over the place once she sets her mind on the chores in heart.

In the nutshell, she is a princess who is lovely and lively. A person who can make other’s life miserably awesome. J
Someone who you would love to make see smile always and someone you would die even to keep happy.
She is all but one. A wild, crazy, beautiful and cutest girl.

Hope to see you soon.

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