And i though you are fun…..

Its is so amazing to be in rain, a girl is sitting beside me talking on the phone to her mother who, I think, lives far away. She misses her a lot. The street is filled with young souls wandering for just some fun. I have never seen this part of Hauz Khas village. Walking down from the fort area to the market, I can see hundreds of small cafe lined up. Some years back, when I last came here, there wasn’t much but now this place is a buzz. It is “The Ultimate” hang out place. Few foreigners are looking for a place to crash and chilling in delhi winter rains. Pulling me along while I write this post are my idiot friends 🙂 who are really special to me. They bear me and allow me to write silly things like this while on the go. Hence, now we have selected to sit, so it would be one of my fav cafe, Boheme. Damn, the stairs are the worst part. Counting them out turns out there are 180 stairs leading to a cozy place. The only thing I don’t like here is that they don’t serve liquor. But the view from the terrace is breath taking.
The lake though not visible right now is the best thing about this cafe. And so we sit outside in smoking area.
I guess, one smoke won’t kill me. 😉 so be it. Today its not much crowded, few couples and few friends. The lights are beautifully set in the lamps which are in amazing shapes and sizes. The inside is so peaceful but outside its serene. There is a soul sitting here with his laptop and maybe he is blogging too. Lolzz… Bastard :P…
Anyways, the girl across the terrace seems a little low on mood. From the look on her face, I can make out that she might be here to find some time alone. Turning her glass…. Two times to the right and two times to the left. Her eyes set out toward the lake, maybe searching for some answers in the darkness.

So what is fun? Hanging out with bunch of friends like mine or standing alone, thinking in some void and smiling to yourself. We have different kinds of explanations for our fun I guess. Mine would be the latter one since I am wandering and most of the times alone kinda soul. Though, its not odd but its damn fun. Heading to a place and enjoying it alone. Friends spice up your world but sometimes, you got to find some answers, solve issues and just be with yourself. Well! Yeah! :p
Anyways, not getting senti, you go have fun…. I am gonna take my drink to the fence next to the girl and strike up a conversation now….
Love to make friends.
Enjoy! Make friends, stay happy and yeah, have fun!!!

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2 thoughts on “And i though you are fun…..

  1. Interesting and novel way to blog – Musings on the go! But I am surprised that your friends bear you – considering you are possibly cranking away on your phone while you are with them! Mine would have snatched the phone from me and flung it from the terrace. 😀


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