I am a bad person if

How do you define a person is bad? It is by the deeds one do, right? Is this also valid for the person who is due to one or the other reason not able to give time to friends. The questions are many but the only solution is that person is being killed from inside too. You need to realize that. Just claiming that you are bad and you do not bother, will not help anyone.

The past plays an important role in one’s life. I am not saying one should carry it whole life. Past is to leave behind and forget but the after effects of any event in past do leave a mark on our present and future. Today, I have been tagged as a person who is bad and do not make any attempt to correct things. but nobody wants to look why it happens. The people, I consider close are not understanding that. I know this will go away but it all in the moment, right? And, right now, it is one such moment. I do not wanna loose all of them but I am in an internal turmoil myself.

I have never used anyone or played with anyone’s heart. I am just trying to live my life which I was deprived of since long. I love making friends, that’s true but I am a free spirit. I cannot be chained. I challenge the laws of society every now and then. Does this mean I am bad? There is a common mistake and misunderstanding that if one needs to be grounded which is wrong. I am not made for this. I was caged all my life, now I am getting a chance to fly so why should I ask others for the permission? Why those who care for me should try to hold me back?

Concur that I am bad at time management but it doesn’t mean I am bad at managing people.
Ok fuck it… I can’t type more. Zyada senti hua to I won’t be able to work more.