The shit of Education

Does your child rush from one tuition class to another? Is his school bag bigger than him? Why is the development of the child rated primarily on one scale, namely, academic?
The primary goal of each school is supposed to be the enhancement of the overall personality of each child. School management cannot claim that their aim is to train students to perform well at the examinations as it is politically incorrect to do so and yet, that is precisely what they expect from the students.
Schools need to rethink their goals and objectives. If they believe that their primary objective is the overall development of each child, then why is all study exam-oriented? A change in mindsets is definitely the need of the hour. This would mean that the focus of the teachers and educators should move beyond the next examination. They must be ready to explore new ways of teaching the same subject matter. Making subject matter more interesting to students goes a long way in reducing problems of discipline related to boredom.
A few decades back “The Tuition System” had altogether a different perspective. It was never a thing to be proud of. In fact, it was the thing to be ashamed of. The crème and the average students always paid attention well in the class and could cope up with the syllabus well. But since for the weak student s it was difficult to cope up with the syllabus by just studying in the school so it was mandatory for them to have extra coaching and thereby they were being sent to private tuitions. The school teachers have always been completing the syllabus in the school from that very time so that all could benefit. But only those who could not cope up with the syllabus required an extra dose of teaching.

However, these days the entire concept of “The Tuition System” has changed. An entire new psyche has developed for this system. It has just become a “Trend” in the fabric of education system.

More than education, The private tuitions are being used as the ‘Status Symbol’. The system has rather lost its track and the actual values and purpose has been lost. This system has become almost madness, a disease. These days every child good, bad or very weak all resort to tuition, in almost every subject. In fact, the heights is that the tuitions are being kept in languages also which is a shameful gesture. English is an International language must be known by the kid. Hindi being the National Language should also be well-taught. And the third one is the mother tongue which each child speaks in his/her own family for which tuitions is in vain. But still just because few other kids of the same class are going, parents send their child too. So it turns outta be never-ending cycle.
There is an entire industry now based on giving coaching and tuitions for competitive exams different programs and so on. Be it CAT, AIEEE, IAS, if one wants to target a particular paper, there are probably tons of coaching institutes in India that one can join. Are they really necessary? Can a student crack a nationwide exam by taking these classes?
The answer is not whether one can or one cannot but that these classes have more become such a part and parcel of the education system that not taking them makes one feel perhaps a little less confident than others who undergo them. It’s a mental block! With such great level of competition around and lakhs of students sitting for these exams, perhaps these coaching institutes have become a necessary evil in today’s world.
The positive that these institutes offer is the attention that the student might not find in schools and colleges. Focusing on one paper throughout the year, it channelizes the students focus and helps maintain it. Also approaching a teacher for doubts that pertain to a competitive exam is easier in an institute than rather than school/ college teachers who might not have the energy or the time to provide the same level of attention. The material, extra books and regular exams that are provided and conducted not only helps a student become well prepared but gives him/her that extra boost of confidence. It might not be possible to do this without the extra material and guidance of such institutes.
However there are also negatives with such a reliance on institutes. They might not be financially viable for many; and looking at others who take such classes might cause others to lose confidence. Busy parents rarely get the time to cross check whether the attention and claims that were promised are being successfully delivered or not. Also, dependency on these institutes rises as they become a norm. The amount of time that a student spends in such institutes can be utilized for self-study which becomes more and more difficult as one spends half the day in college/ school and the other half in these classes.
There are ample number of example on both sides of the fulcrum and the debate whether these classes are required or not is difficult to put at rest. However, as of now, these institutes have become a parallel system in themselves. A system that is easy to critique, difficult to ignore.


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