Garmi ki to by god!

Ok! I am writing this post in extreme hot weather so better read it and comment :p
I though I would go out with friends and have fun but they ditched me so instead I came to New Friends Colony to gorge on some shawarmas of Al-Bake. This shop is my ultimate destination to end the stroke of my hunger since years now. So right now, I am sitting in my car having beer and shawarma in the parking. In the midst, I decided to open up the windows and have some fresh air but alas god is not kind to me or anyone of us.

Despite of the heatwave, few guys and girls are running here and there eating and shopping. Glares on eyes and light clothes is the logo of delhi heat I guess. Two guys smoking beneath the beauty parlor across the road and having a conversation. I was like seriously dude! Smoking in this much heat and just then, their girlfriends came out of the shop. Have fun!

Now! I am full and ready to drive to IHC. The roads right now do not have much traffic but this crossing before Ashram seems to be hell. Been half an hour here now. Common people move your asses!! Right now, my car’s AC muct be cursing me coz its making bad sounds. Hehe! Time for some nimbu pani I guess. Just then I see, lines of hawkers with lemonade, cola, coconuts, etc on the by lanes. These are the angels sent by god to save us from heat. Ok! So all the gods must not be angry with us. But only a handful must be playing a practical joke by burning the earth.

Finally, IHC is here. Hence, signing off for today. Might catch up on way back but can’t say. Go out with care, keep yourself cool. Delhi is anyways short on temper and people are always on hot rod. Hope this heat doesn’t expand it further. Stay safe and be cool…

Think about it…….


2 thoughts on “Garmi ki to by god!

  1. I know what you mean by Delhi ki garmi. I was out in the afternoon today and came back with a headache, bad one at that. It’s best to stay indoors, if one can šŸ™‚ Nice observations penned here, interesting post.


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