Voyage gone berserk!

Standing on top of the Jaigarh fort along with the Asia’s longest Canon, we three just waited for the sun to go down. It was a peaceful moment and we could see our lives rolling in frames in front of our lives. That instant, time froze, we just looked at each other and realized what we have gone through and how far we have come from. The road trip had been planned instantly and nobody had a clue what it’s going to be except for Ankit who had made a whole list of places to visit and check out. Totally a nerd at heart, he is the youngest of us three.

The journey started when Vibhor called me up at midnight about a trip to Jaipur. Though he is the most humble person I have ever met and I know him since 5th standard, he has been my brother since then. And I was well aware that when he comes to craziness, he is not kidding, so in 2 hours, I packed up my stuff, sat in the car and left for the Pink City.
Now, please do not mix this with the Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara movie. I know there are similarities in both the stories – three friends on a road trip in the midst of adventures. My story is different since we are in India. We do not earn much like they do and nobody got a girl on the trip who rides motorcycle.
The only other similarity is friends bonding together and becoming brothers for life.

Coming back to the main story, we started the journey in total chaos and full of death defying escapades. Ankit, who technically owned the car, forced us into the fact that he knows how to drive; only to realize later on that he has never driven a car on an expressway during the night. Hence, Manesar tak meri and Vibhor ki fatti rahi. On the McDonalds we made a pact that till the journey is complete; Ankit won’t be driving, even if it is his car. Dumbass!!

Before we reached Behror, we picked some cans of beer. You know, just in case Rajasthan gets hotter. To all the kids, pls do not drink and drive. After reaching Amer Fort, we drove to Jaigarh and Nahargarh fort on the top of the mountain. Jaigarh is an amazing and massive fort. When it got less crowded we just sat there on the wall looking at the sun go down. It was peaceful and nostalgia sulked in. The moments we three had shared, places we had gone together and masti we had done together. There was a chaos in that silence though it was soothing to the ears.

After renting a room in the city’s sindhi camp area, beer completed the day followed by dinner. This much silence was enough for one day. The next day, Ankit with his list was awake and ready first and kept yelling on our head for we were late. And so we drove to Galta which is 20 km from Jaipur and houses temple and a pond which believe me is an amazing and unexplored place. Only few tourists and locals visit the place. Then we went to Kanota Dam which is another must visit place. The water is clean and comforting breeze takes you away. This was followed by visiting all the tourist spots in Jaipur which unfortunately I had seen earlier but had to accompany a kid named Ankit. LOL! He is gonna kill me. And oh! We threw away his list in the Kanota Dam ;).

The best moment came the next day when we went to Pushkar (which was nowhere in the plan). There I became friends with a group of backpackers from Israel and South America. (P.S. – The Israeli girl was damn hot ;)). We met a group of sadhus who blessed us with Bhole baba ka prasad. Being hardcore non-smokers, Vibhor and Ankit got drifted in the mood and they had no clue what was happening around them. Ganja does that to you! Do not try this at home. So here it goes, Ankit jumped into the Pushkar’s pond and had to be saved. Vibhor kissed a girl who was also high but they both had no clue about it. Me? I did both. Hehe. Jumped in the pond with the girl and we kissed there. What followed is not spoken anywhere, it is just in our memories. While me and Vibhor were walking back to car, wasted; Ankit came running and passed us in top speed. He had clothes in his hands and to our shock, they weren’t his clothes. As we turned back, we saw people running behind us. What we did? Ran our ass off to the car. Jumped in and allowed Ankit to drive (biggest mistake of our lives). He drove like an mad guy. Michael Schumacher ko heart attack ajata. Anyways, we reached back Jaipur and went dead sleep in our hotel room. Other day, we woke up and we had no clue for half an hour as to why we have clothes in our room that do not belong to us. Damn!! Though we donated all to the beggars outside but jab realize hua ke kya kia Pushkar mein. I think we would have been banned for life.

On way back, I drove nonstop to Delhi except stopping outside Bhangarh Fort for some time. We had high hope of watching some ghosts but we were unlucky.

This trip is most special for us because it was the first time; just three of us went without anyone else to disturb the process of friends turning into Brothers!!

Simple voyage gone berserk!

Think about it!!

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