Social Potpourri Meetup at Hanchi Ba

This time I arrived on time actually. I missed the spot to meet by 5 km and had to locate it back. Lol. As usual! But meeting all the guys is fun. Kriti, Arijit, Sulekha, Vikas, Manoj and few others is amazing. I like the ambiance of the place. The fight is of veg and non-veg. Daaru sab bhula deti hai.. So few buds are my forte today. And as I stood up to get my bud, everyone thought I am gonna perform.

Well! That’s fun but will take time. So from flying to diving we discuss stuff related to business. Meanwhile, vikas found his veg, finally. He got his paneer. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ … So moving on from that discussion. These guys are real hot shots in their fields and IT guys feels a little off the radar. Well! Doesn’t matter.

So now Sonia along with others is gonna sing for us and Sulekha is super excited coz she is banging tables at the moment. And bijli has no idea what is hapenning. Some talent in the gorgeous women here.

Where men are busy discussion business and women busy in chit chat, I hear kids crying. Y god? Y?! Lol hate crying kids n no idea why ppl bring them at places where they shouldn’t be.

Finally, it comes to an end and I have to leave. So bidding everyone bye and hoping to see you all soon again. Had loads of fun. Love ya kriti and sulekha for their warmth.


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