377 becomes “666”

Few days back, a judgment came that the HC’s verdict has been taken back and the section is again illegal. Everyone was shaken and a community became a criminal overnight. What I am about to share is irrespective of whether I am biased or not. I am not one of them but I have friends who are from that community. I am not anyone to comment if it is natural, not natural, god given or any way people wanna perceive. Truth is, it is out there and you can do nothing about it. It was there, It is and will always be. Point is … It is a personal choice. I know people have already spoken that Article 377 violates right to live, etc.. which I am not sure how. It doesn’t mean you can’t live. It just mean you can’t live without a person of same sex. Again, I am not against anyone. This is just how I saw at things. What I am gonna write next shook me up.

Just when I was going through articles in TOI on 377 and LGBT rights. I saw this article of a guy who underwent a surgery to get his penis removed and through surgery got a vagina and breasts implanted in his body in order to stay with the man he loved. I can only sympathize with the guy. But this is naturally wrong. It is like playing with the God’s creation. You should not do that to your body. And this is just one case. There might be more. Just imagine how many would be going through surgeries and changing how there body is made. It is all in the psychology right? You feel you are of not that gender.

This will also create a huge ripple in the sea of illegally changing a person’s gender. A large number of straight people will be forced to changed their genders and then forced into prostitution and begging. It is already going on all across the globe and even in India. Figure this, Mumbai’s dance bars were closed for a reason but they were reinstated in order to stop an increase in prostitution and other heinous jobs.. That was done for a reason.

On the same lines, LGBT should be made legal… People have their own rights and have a sane mind, enough to choose what is good for them and what is not. One person cannot decide whether a million people are criminals or not. It is just not right!!

It is just not HUMAN!!

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