Rider in Heaven…

Driving an Enfield down the highway through the cold winds of Himalayas, I see life go by. The shepherds, the mountain girls and boys and the mountain range seem so perfect. There is peace and there is a pleasant joy in this wind. My aviators seem to be frozen and are the only help I have for my eyes. Stopping by the roadside tea stall and in 9 degrees below freezing point of water, the tea feels like sent from heaven. Though I have kept my Old monk intact and my Marlboro close, there is a weird sensation in this tea. At my back, is the tea stall owned by a teenage boy named Zothan and in front the snow clad Himalayan range in its full glory shines in morning sun. The sunlight through the snow is the best view ever on this earth. It is the mixture of all the happiness and joy you can imagine.

Before moving on, I sit with my back against the milestone, smoking a cigarette and staring at the hills in front of me. I am a lone rider. It is more peaceful and freedom is all I want. Getting back on the bike, I resume my journey through the road leading to heaven. The bends and turns and the narrow bridge are like woven through the hills. People pass me by in their cars and bikes but all I can hear is chirping of birds, flowing of the stream and falling of the waterfalls. Towns and villages are crossed. Step fields and huts are crossed. And I move on..

There is a pain, in my heart. I have longed for this ride since long. I have waited for this my whole life. And now, changing the gears of the bike and making those turns give me immense pleasure and delight. It’s been long since I left home for this trip. A lot of things were left behind. But this is life, we move on no matter what. Because this is how life goes on. You have to keep moving. You cannot end it on your own. You came to this world with a reason. Till you find that reason and live it, you have to keep moving. I have no clue where I will stay or how it will be there at the end. One good thing about life is you have technology to help you. As i sat on that tea stall 120 KM ago, an app on the phone helped me find stuff. Even the bike is rented from same app, since my own bike is back home and I am really far from home.

Stopping by the Gurudwara and sitting there for half an hour, I talk to an aged sardarji who have been serving here since he was 5 years old. He must be 70 now and still seems joyful and cheerful about the place. When I ask him if he wants to go and move to a city, No, comes the answer. He loves this place and adores the place. And now, so do I.

After eating the langar, I ride again, a fag in my lips as I drive real slow, enjoying the lonely yet amazing road. Reaching the last outpost of India, as I am about to exit the border, I hear a deafening noise of my alarm sounding at a distance. My eyes open and I find myself in my apartment with my girlfriend next to me. Getting up, I moan… “Shit! Tibet is still a dream” …







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