Unfair is beautiful Indeed!!

Thanks to Taarini, my mind ran a few paces on the path of a new kind of racism building up in India today. It got me thinking a new disease that had entered and now has deep roots in the society. A month back we saw Yami Gautam jokes on fairness and products. We have been divided by this bridge. Its gone so mad that we want our kids to be either fair or married to someone fair. A complete piss off that is. Did you know half of the Indians are wheatish or dusky and its not a curse. Its coz we are made like that. I am fair i agree and not saying this out of pity or something but dusky girls equally hot as the fair ones. In my personal view they are much more hotter than fair ones. They are just more attractive to me.. 🙂 .. But ye duniya badi gol hai.. Once upon a time bunch of idiots found fair women better and now everyone wants the same. Its like men are dogs and prefer golden retrievers over labs. Not to take this personally.. Actually take it personally coz if you can’t respect anyone, don’t even expect it back from me.. Beauty is not about the color but overall personality.

You want an example? Take Nandita Das and Lindsay Lohan for example. Both are talented in their fields. Both were cute and hot at some point of time. But one had brains and other, lets just say did not know she had brain too, so where do they land. The latter looks much more older than former. Nandita on one hand, the most beautiful dusky woman i have seen, strong, beautiful mind, hot features, sexy and intellectual. The other… No comments..

Its better to have an unfair color than an unfair brain which cannot tell us that we are being morons.

To top of all we have those advertisements. Its funny coz we teach our children not to be fooled by them and forget that when it comes personally.

I mean y the fuck all those fairness ads and when that wasn’t enough we are turning men also into females. Men are supposed to be manly. Pedi, meni, waxing, threading, etc…. I wont comment on these but men are not supposed to be like that. Anyways everyone has a choice of sexual orientation. So,coming,back to topic in hand. UNFAIR IS BEAUTIFUL … Period..

You need a person in your life or a creamy mannequin??

Think about it….


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