Once I was travelling on my bike through the sand dunes of Rajasthan, India. I was amazed to see the beauty of the desert, though we see it as place where nothing grows but to me the place made me grow my imagination… The sand with thousand of miles of vast space and domain inspired me to extend the boundaries of my mind…

Interacting with people and traveling to cities all alone sometimes and experiencing colours of life, made me pick up a pen and a paper to write stuff that came through my mind. There is a lot to see in this world. Many reports saying that it will end soon may sound dumb to us but what I have seen in past few years, if it ends, it will really be painful and uneventful…

So here I am sharing the experience and a look at the world through my eyes in my letters…


Pages to find me on –

  1. Facebook.com/rockpiredesigns
  2. Twitter.com/rishabhmalik
  3. Instagram.com/rockpire

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