Music – As it seems..

Music is my passion and drives my soul and spirit. It is the only one in this world pushing me forward in every task I linger on.



Chronicles of Rockpire [Version 1.0]

Recently a friend asked me to write about Rockpire – a Rockstar in the making and the journey till now. I wouldn’t say a Rockstar but a passionate outcast trying to find nirvana in the journey and till the destination. the journey started as usual but not in the conventional way where a guy gets a heart break, picks up a guitar and becomes a musician. It was different. It was not love for a person but love towards a cause. The guy is crazy for music as many are. Like many of you, he wasn’t able to work, eat, sleep and do other stuff without music. It was a way of his life. Though he was heartbroken many times but it was just a phase and not a catalyst. All of this started way back on college when he used to bunk college classes and sit on the stairs of his college and wrote songs on freaking and every fucking topic. Be it about life or girl sitting on stairs or descending the stairs or group of friends enjoying on the field. Wherever his thoughts went, his eyes used to find a muse. Then came music to those lyrics. Initially started alone but soon found other people who shared the same interests. I would not say they made it large because it has just started but all the performances till now were satisfying. From being a drummer to a vocalist, he is also the band manager. Many came and many went but ROCKPIRE is still standing and will continue to do so.. It’s not just a name but a way of life.

There have been many things he has seen, many things he is yet to encounter but raising voice and being heard is all he knows. There have been many times when he was termed an Outcast because his thoughts and ways were not aligned to the society’s thinking process. But that has never deterred him from his stand. HE speaks and is heard. He is not walking to get followers but walking to make everyone walk. Deep within he wants things cleaned. Being an outcast never stopped him from caring for society. His eyes are all over the wrong happenings and in some other the other way he is trying to clean things up. HE may succeed and he may lose at times but walking is all he can do.. He cannot control thoughts, right? Even now while writing this post, he is plugged in and Hilight Tribe’s Shankara is playing. I wouldn’t say he is a devotee of Shiva but he finds Shiva’s lifestyle worth living. A vairagya at heart, he has links to the society and is associated with it through music, relations and deeds but in thoughts he is a lone rider. Few years back in school, a teacher who was like a mother to him said “The higher you reach, there will be more people who will try to pull you down and you will alone at the top”. These words are worth remembering since it is the truth. The only difference people cannot understand is, even at the top, he is trying to pull people up who are holding his hand to pull him down. Irony of life or anything. Its the truth.
If anyone looked properly at his designs, blogs, music and way of living.. One could analyze that he is living to make things correct. Though he is never reluctant to end things that are in the process. Just shunning of few things can make everyone perfect. Symphony Of Destruction (Currently playing) is an apt song at this moment.

Life is like the strings of a guitar. Just know the chords and you will make a perfect Symphony…
Praise Oneself with the Strings…

Think about it..

An Outcast Artist
(Trying to make big in his own eyes)