Selfie lete hai..

Last year a new term got added to the urban dictionary, Selfie. Its become a phenomenon lately. All those polaroid pictures and all those, sir can you please take our picture has gone for a toss. I miss those times when we used to ask people around for taking pictures. Now we just click. They invented a freaking selfie stick too. This shows how our friends have got busy. We used to make plans with friends and go out for a beer or food. Now i see many people alone like me sitting in the downtown bar having beer and clicking selfies. I still need to get along with this phenomenon. This also means we are more independent now. We can go out even if friends are busy. Capture our deeds and share them with the world. This has changed the photography world. We can fall of a plane, stand on top of statue in brazil, mount everest, roller coaster and click pictures. Instagram and snapchat have earned the most in last few years.

This means we are more out going and go getters. However the only loss is we can’t share those moments with friends. Everything has a pro and con. Selfie has its own share. But i see the advantages since at my age, most of the friends are married or having children. A nomad like me, sits in a bar, have beer, smoke and just chill with other single people.

Not bad, eh! 🙂

Think about it….


Another day in office….

Yawn!! I am 2 glasses vodka down, that’s around 120ml of it, though not high, not even tipsy. Not even a little bit. Still my mind is relaxed. I have bunked my office and sitting in cafeteria of another facility, same office ;). Today I completed 1 year in this company, in the morning I got a mail saying “happy fucking anniversary”. I am not angry at the company. Really! Its just that I am not completely happy. My definition of job is not this one. Its meant to be satisfying, is it? Or its just the paychecks that are satisfying? Every monday, you feel good or bad? These are some questions that have different answers but at some point of time, these really become common for all.

*sigh* another sip from the tea.

Now, listen to me carefully, you may find your job exciting, it may satisfy you but answer this truthful, at some point of time you really wanna go and run somewhere. Hit me if I’m wrong.

Enough of the negative crap! Coming back to point. We work day and night for what? Growth? You are already growing! Money? You will get it anyway and it will be spent. Status? Its matters when you have status in your own eyes.
What matters in life and every day is the small moments you share with friends, joking on a cup of tea, lunch or even a drive to greater noida and back. These moments are permanent and should be cherished. I am not stopping you from work but more than that some things are essential.

So just another day in office should be satisfactory when at the end you want to think about the day while sleeping and smiling ..

Think about it…

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