Memoirs of a Monk….

It’s really a boring day today, it’s a semi holiday today in office and not many people have turned up so I thought why not express a story of mine in words and share. It’s not a random story, it’s a part of my own biography.

Many times I have woken up 3 AM in the morning when I slept at 1 in wonder that why, why was I born in this world at this point of era. I have been a decent son, a friend who is always there to help his mates, one who can do anything freaky and weird for them in order to make them smile. I do not like dull moments in my life, well, nobody does is what you will say. But, I don’t even like a dull moment in life of people around me. I am not saying I am person who is jolly and keeps laughing, but I am someone who if in a dull moment, helps everyone come out of it. My expertise start when a dull moment start. If the environment is already filled with happiness, I will enjoy with you. If it is boring, sad and dull, call me over and party will begin. The main issue with me is, I want everyone to be happy always.

This happiness may not come easily as people are stuck in desires and dreams. But wake up, whatever you have/ do not have,
at least you have a moment, a soul and a life. Be happy with it. It is said “make the most of it” or have you made it large?”
I would say “have you lived that moment?” Every breath you take has a lot of energy in it. the oxygen you inhale, goes through your nostrils, fills your wind pipe… reaches the lungs, mixes with blood which takes it all over your body which is a a mesh of veins and arteries, a whole thick forest and then burns the food to release energy and this happens every mili-second of your life.

Do understand here that I am not saying to dance every now and then and party. Even when you are sitting idle and quiet feel the happiness in air and let it surround you. Last night I was feeling restless so I took my car out for a drive alone. 50 Km out of the city and I stopped it. Locked my car, took a pee…. LOL… I had a fag and lied down on my car’s bonnet and just looked up. It was an irony that I was smoking and looking at the stars and feeling lively. 🙂 hehe… but to come and think of it. Life starts and ends. While lying there for 45 minutes, I was happy because it was peaceful for me (making exception of trucks and their beloved horns on national highway). I was enjoying every breath and the stars were wonderful.. made me feel, I belong to a separate world, a more happy and peaceful environment lost somewhere in this world.

While driving back home, I realised that I may not be good at the work I am currently doing, I may not be happy with it but I am also not sad about it. It gives me a paycheque at least…lol… but money doesn’t matter. I am very restless and can’t sit idle. Hence, when I am with friends, I make it a point that they enjoy the moment. If I die or go away, they will remember me not because of our meetings and my abusing them for not doing work properly, but by the moments of joy that we had shared and a simple smile which I was able to make happen on their faces.

So, my advice for today is, be a person who not only brings joy to his life but others too.. Coz in the end, we all have to go away, but how about living life after death in somebody’s heart and mind.

Think about it….

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Life keeps running on…

Right now I am standing in cannaught place in new delhi.. The A block is in front of me and palika market at my back. As I see people walking past me, a thought came to my mind, so I started writing. People walk alone or walk in crowd, some in pairs. The environment seems to be noisy with hawkers selling ice cream to a fag, some guys talking about jobs, girls discussing shopping they did or going to do. There seems to be one thing common among them, life moves on. Everyday, we get up with a thought that this day will be better than the one which has gone. Though we hold on to our past but with hope, we move forward. There is a driving force in us. Let me get a fag now,…..

So coming back to topic, we seem to be in an illusion that something drives us but its a fact that every day is a struggle, struggle in office, struggle in family life, struggle in love and more over struggle to keep existing. The respective struggle gives us motivation and hope that good things are around the next corner, so as we move towards it, life moves on. Our mind must be full of stupid neurons or cells that keep the hope high and they should else it won’t be a place to live in. Small steps or long strides, the one which we decide to take is actually a leapt of faith that keep burning like a light in our soul, letting us jump across walls and obstacles.

This should be channelised in correct way if we want to move correctly and smoothly. This is how nature works. Survival of fittest is an old term now. Today it should be survival of the correct walker. The one who knows either what step to take or the one who knows that stopping in a path he is moving and deciding in middle way to take another one. This will only create a hurdle to the person moving behind us and will disrupt the flow of the crowd. But again, life moves on…

Think about it…

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Adding to the earlier post..

Right now in metro. Its really a boon to delhi people, but no idea how will I be going back home as metro doesn’t go till my place.. Lol. Here, people look tired now. Maybe whole day in office or work has left them stressed out and in need of some rest. I wonder how day and night works. Who started this? That one has to work in daylight, get tired and fall asleep in the night. Maybe the hunters and workers in ice age or age after it. Early homosapiens. Some are discussing among themselves about the day and a guy in front of me is talking to his girlfriend on the phone, maybe they came out of a date. Few are listening to music on earphones. Life is really entertaining and unique for everyone of us. It moves at the same speed but everyone tends to look at it with different speed limits..

Still.. It keeps running. Make most of it..

Think about it..