A dangerous species called Human

It’s been raining since couple of hours now, sitting outside with cigarette and thinking about Orlando and Paris attacks. And actually all the attacks lately happening across the globe along with crimes.
What is the root cause of this issue? Humans. Not a eureka moment, I know but why?


Is it just religion? Nope. Above religion there is a very powerful thing. That’s called Money.

And not just hard money but soft one too. Here I mention soft money as things like showing off assets, social status, etc..

Money & Religion – Two things for which we have gone insane and become retards.

Funny shit is, both were made for humans but it seems now that we were made for these fucking things.

The money has created this social divide which has grown so apart it cannot be filled up. Rich will be richer and poor will be poorer. No economic policy or reform can correct it now. Some countries will flourish and others will definitely perish. Human organ trade, trafficking, slaves, etc .. are all outcomes of this divide.

But how will this earth continue to function and how will money flow?
Here comes religion into picture.
I want to make sure that you do not get me wrong in next few lines. Religion is not evil, it is human who is flawed.

So to keep the channels open, come few humans who, in the name of religion don’t give hope but create an illusion in the mind of the poor that it’s the rich who is taking away everythig from them. For this they need to strike.

For example, a BMW stops on the road, few people showing off the money, step out and unable to tackle the sun, try to find their AC rooms. Watching this are few poor guys who spend whole day in the sun. This guy wants the same things and all the money but since he lacks either skill or opportunity or a rich father/mother. So what happens? This frustration leads him on the path of evil. Yes, humans are that sick.

90% of the crimes in the world are based on this divide and perks of having money. Psychology of the human brain is complex yet simple.
Everyone is selfish.

On the other hand, religious outfits (radical humans) tend to use this divide to expand it further. They exploit the minds and get things done. Those who don’t know shit about their religion begin to fall prey.

What is the solution? None.
There is no solution to this. Because whatever I say will have no effect on you. Like this rain. It will pass in few more minutes and you will be back to what you were doing.

I am amazed you even reached this point and still reading. Coz poor won’t be able to read this. You might come on the rich side. Hence you will not change.

Go on, head to that club or spend huge amounts of money on religion. Don’t dare give it to some good cause because the gap should be more apart.


Think about it…. .



That picture on my money!

Every day we breathe, we eat and drink to stay alive. These are basic necessities of life. But more than these, the most important thing to sustain life is money. Paper money has entered our food chains and blood like a parasite. Imagine a day without it. Don’t sweat it, I know it is hard. Ok! Take that note out and fiddle with it and look at it, what do you see?

This money is a bitch. It comes and goes and never stays. It betrays and causes chaos. One moment you have it and another you don’t.

This is a metaphor actually to show that it doesn’t give a damn about you. So, use it but don’t take care of it. Preserve it but don’t use it for unfair means because as I said, it causes chaos. It makes people fight. Though the mistake is not money’s but of people who own it. But again, it ignites the fire. It is like standing on the edge of the slippery wall and walking with the fear of falling on either sides.

I wonder what the person who made the first paper money was thinking. Not the amount, I am talking about the Gandhi’s picture on it. “What a man!” you might say as he got himself on the note. I say bullshit! LOL. It was not respect, the person was making a mockery of Gandhi. He was aware of what Gandhi had done and how many men lost their lives because of him. His ideas and principles were good but up to the individual level. They were not aligned with the freedom of whole nation. Non-violence should be practiced within oneself. A person should not be violent but when the talk is about the whole nation under slavery, it simply doesn’t work. You might be furious or might be laughing by now. You want to beat me up? I am at Café Mocha right now in Defence Colony. Let’s have a beer and talk. But it is true! When the whole nation was required to rise and uproot the British. He held the arms of half the population. The result? Changes never happen with few drops of water. A whole river is required to carve the stones and flood the region. I can bet, if the whole nation had risen that day with other revolutionaries we wouldn’t have to wait 100 years to complete before independence. I agree some things got corrected in India due to British but it was not the way. Then there was division of the greatest nation on earth in two pieces. Women raped, children crushed and men sliced on trains without any reason. Crap! How can one live with that. God bless Nathu Ram Godse.

So coming back to the track, the person who made paper money wanted to portray that just like money, Gandhi had no mind of his own. He was manipulated and in turn he manipulated others. He ignited the fire in which many innocent souls burnt.

Next time you look at that note, laugh it out loud. Coz what others think is respect is actually a mockery.

Think about it.☺

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The power, The money, The corrupt

All Hollywood corrupts; and absolute Hollywood corrupts absolutely.
Edmund Wilson
Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.
John Adams
But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.
George Orwell
Capitalism attacks and destroys all the finer sentiments of the human heart; it ruthlessly sweeps away old traditions and ideas opposed to its progress, and it exploits and corrupts those things once held sacred.
Daniel De Leon
Evil communication corrupts good manners. I hope to live to hear that good communication corrects bad manners.
Benjamin Banneker
Flattery corrupts both the receiver and the giver.
Edmund Burke
How do I know pornography depraves and corrupts? It depraves and corrupts me.
Malcolm Muggeridge
I truly believe that all power corrupts. Such is probably the thinking behind every political film ever made in Hollywood.
Elia KazanIf
absolute power corrupts absolutely, does absolute powerlessness make you pure?
Harry Shearer

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