Reason behind a Smile…..

In the morning, at office bus stop I see a number of people ready to face the day and make a new start with a lovely day and a lovely smile. I guess is it real or they just trying to hide certain errs behind that smile. School kids budge around me hanging around waiting for the bus to pick them up and take them to a place where they can play in playground or spend time studying with friends. The teenagers looking out for different buses which will take them to their college, a place where they can be themselves. Office guys talking about their targets and work to finish till EOD.

Then I see a smile of a girl with specs standing 2 girlfriends waiting for the office bus. Her smile seems so real in this fake world. I do not know the name though. The day passes at its normal pace. At workplace, I see a friend who laughs n giggles to every damn joke I make, but sometimes I can see the pain in her eyes. She is suffering from something, taking stress of family, work n friends. She is the most jovial person I have ever met in my life yet she shares the worries with me!

I wonder how she effectively hides all the sadness with a smile and nobody can see the reason behind it except me, I feel. The reason it to kick the sadness in the ass and smile through it like a sail finding its way through the wind in an ocean full of crap people. The smile on her face brings everyone from low level like a guard at the gate to the manager to life.

Everyone seems to smile. Really! It happens every time. She greets everyone passing by and everyone forgets the worries for a moments. I guess that a talent bigger than God. Hiding one’s sadness with a smile to make everyone smile to your tune.

Respect! Its a great thing to learn that how a smile can change one’s self concern from inside.

The reason behind the smile..

Think about it..

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