7 vehicles that annoy RE rider the most

Now, I know it is not the machine but the man who is at flaw. But it’s been years of driving and riding and walking on the road, I have found this pattern in multiple cities. Certain vehicles have a similar way of plying.

While commuting, I start with a peaceful and calm mind, by the time I reach my destination, I feel like beating the shit out of few people.

Now, Disclaimer – These are personal views and may differ but we will care about your views in your own blog. ROFL! #JustKidding but seriously, laugh rather than burning your blood. (Read Hindi – Khoon na jalaa, paani pi, hass de veere)

So, here is the list –

  1. Autos – This is known to all like a universal fact. Right? Remember, when we were kids, teachers used to tell us that sun and earth is star and planet respectively; human body has 70% water or India is a country. In the same way, ask anyone on the road and autos would be the first thing they will quote. I have never seen any of them driving properly. None!! Across India! They are all same. As if they all go to the same school where they are taught “how not to drive on roads”general_happybirthday
  2. Avengers & 100 cc bikes – Nice bike and fine ride but it becomes annoying when the person sitting on it becomes a dickhead and feels he is riding an Enfield and starts riding faster than you to seek attention. It starts to annoy. Then comes those assholes on 100 cc bikes who ride as if their ass is on fire and they are running to find water. No rear view mirrors and god knows when did they use an indicator the last time!                                                                                    New folder (2)
  3. Wagon R – If anyone on road is in most hurry, it is these guys who drive Wagon R. Yes, I know your previous vehicle was a two-wheeler and first car you bought was this shitty box on wheels (one of the most ugliest car) but that doesn’t mean you will try to put in between 2 vehicles like you used to do with your scooter or 100 cc bike. Common, it’s a 4 wheeler, ride responsibly. Give way when you are driving slow and someone is honking. And worst part is when you drive fast on a highway trying to race with I-don’t-know-who, that shit box will overturn. It’s not made for speed. And pls get those rear view mirrors and use them.7ribandar.jpeg-660x330
  4. Government buses – Go to any city –> Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai or Kolkata. After Autos, these guys are a pain in the butt. These sons of whatever guns never drive in the left most lane dedicated for them, never look before changing lanes, are always facing breakdowns which lead to massive jams and speed in the most rash manner. Agreed? Coz I don’t have words to explain! Already annoyed.
  5. Tavera / Eeco / Sumo (CABS) –  Just like WagonR, if anyone else is in a hurry are the BPO/IT Cabs. And worst are the people sitting inside who don’t fuckin utter a word. Do I need to say more? I am already annoyed!
  6. XUV 500 – These are still bearable and not all are idiots. But, 70% I have had an encounter with, are douches. Their first car was WagonR so you can imagine how they drive. I don’t know how and why they think they are the owners of the road. Live young? Sure, do that but at least drive like an adult.
  7. White Car|Black Windows|Broken but Loud bass tube/woofer with shitty music – Yes, I know that you know that whom I am talking about. All the dickheads who have a political connection (Real & Pseudo both) are a prone to life on road. The shittiest music possible and at least 7 people in a 5 seater car. They are a threat and I have not seen even a single one being slapped a challan by police.


So, what do you think about my list? If you have any more vehicles in mind, do comment below. Or, if you want tot share any story that I can write upon as an inspiration, do share your thought.

And till then, think about it… If I offended you, think about it.. Why I did?

Ride/Drive safe.. Enjoy the road not someone’s blood. Value it.



A dangerous species called Human

It’s been raining since couple of hours now, sitting outside with cigarette and thinking about Orlando and Paris attacks. And actually all the attacks lately happening across the globe along with crimes.
What is the root cause of this issue? Humans. Not a eureka moment, I know but why?


Is it just religion? Nope. Above religion there is a very powerful thing. That’s called Money.

And not just hard money but soft one too. Here I mention soft money as things like showing off assets, social status, etc..

Money & Religion – Two things for which we have gone insane and become retards.

Funny shit is, both were made for humans but it seems now that we were made for these fucking things.

The money has created this social divide which has grown so apart it cannot be filled up. Rich will be richer and poor will be poorer. No economic policy or reform can correct it now. Some countries will flourish and others will definitely perish. Human organ trade, trafficking, slaves, etc .. are all outcomes of this divide.

But how will this earth continue to function and how will money flow?
Here comes religion into picture.
I want to make sure that you do not get me wrong in next few lines. Religion is not evil, it is human who is flawed.

So to keep the channels open, come few humans who, in the name of religion don’t give hope but create an illusion in the mind of the poor that it’s the rich who is taking away everythig from them. For this they need to strike.

For example, a BMW stops on the road, few people showing off the money, step out and unable to tackle the sun, try to find their AC rooms. Watching this are few poor guys who spend whole day in the sun. This guy wants the same things and all the money but since he lacks either skill or opportunity or a rich father/mother. So what happens? This frustration leads him on the path of evil. Yes, humans are that sick.

90% of the crimes in the world are based on this divide and perks of having money. Psychology of the human brain is complex yet simple.
Everyone is selfish.

On the other hand, religious outfits (radical humans) tend to use this divide to expand it further. They exploit the minds and get things done. Those who don’t know shit about their religion begin to fall prey.

What is the solution? None.
There is no solution to this. Because whatever I say will have no effect on you. Like this rain. It will pass in few more minutes and you will be back to what you were doing.

I am amazed you even reached this point and still reading. Coz poor won’t be able to read this. You might come on the rich side. Hence you will not change.

Go on, head to that club or spend huge amounts of money on religion. Don’t dare give it to some good cause because the gap should be more apart.


Think about it…. .


Memoirs of an Outcast

At daybreak, I was sitting in my office bus and whilst commuting, I had my earphones plugged in with “Riders on the Storm” playing. I was furthermore reading a newspaper. There was a moment when I was lost. It was suffocating and worse part was, that I was not able to recognize the feeling.

While looking out of the window, motorists going past, green patches rolling in front of my eyes and people going past made me bear in mind one thing. I was not able to relate to even one damn human. Like I was stuck in the null void and spending whole life here is inevitable. There are a lot of notions that rotate around us. The most common is when we do not have anyone in our life to understand what we really are.
On the other front, mates tell me, one has to find the person inside oneself, but the other side of coin is bound to pursue; that is to take oneself out of the equation. One has to stay away from everyone else and keep a distance from the worldly affairs in order to be able to understand oneself and be happy.

There are a lot of queries that keep flowing in the nerves of our brain and keep hitting the cells and tissues which have thinking power.
Why every bad thing happens to me? Why am I stuck in this? What was my mistake? What wrong did I do?

We always have questions to our personal issues while we do not realize that the answers depend on our connection with rest of the world.
Every query has “ME” or “I” in it; my question is how many of your questions are not related to the world that lies outside your soul or body?
This is the first question that you need to find an answer to.

Think about it….

Sage Of today’s world…

Have you ever thought while sitting that you were meant to do something in this world, maybe earn a lot, be rich, have power
and fame. have you ever wondered why the hell you were born as a human. Or what is there for you to do in this god forsaken
land. Yes? maybe no? The questions sometimes cannot be answered. Can they? We travel to places, temples, places of peace, etc.
But it happens very less that we find all the answers in life. A recent breakup, failing in exams, loss of a close one,
office issues, frustration on the society’s system, etc.. Issues can be many that can lead to disturbance in mind.

Today I am sharing a story of a person I met and understood properly, Though I am still trying to understand him.
As I feel he is not of this world. He came to this world for something above these petty issues. I am not saying he doesn’t
have issues but he looks them as nothing but dust. He was born in this era for a job to perform.Earlier, his name was kept on “Brahma”, but his mother changed his name after “Vishnu”. As a child he was naive, as Brahma, he used to fight for things just as Brahma fights for the status of being a “god”. As he grew up to be a teenager his mind developed and he started showing signs of Vishnu. He had girls around him. His friends included both males and females but ratio of females was higher. He was a protector of all, very friendly and easy going. He was aware of life and death and knew the fears of people around him. He was still naive in the sense of mind as he was developing. It took a lot of time for the development. He has still a lot of miles to complete to attain the knowledge of why the hell he was born. The only difference is that he has got a fair idea.

Now, with change in time and age, he has developed characteristics of “Shiva”. He doesn’t want luxuries. This doesn’t mean
he has got rid of them, it’s just that he is the sage of new era. He dresses like us, uses a smart phone, has access to certain
things but he is here to something more than just earn and get rich. He has started hating man made things. He just uses them and
do not like them. Today, his main aim is to earn respect and smiles across the world. To help people get rid of their negativity.
He wants to take out the sadness, evil, in short negativity out of people, letting them live in happiness.

He now works alone, trying to be an outcast. He is no god but believes god/some supernatural power is inside him. He is a copy of “Shiva”
He is yet to grow more, spiritually, mentally and physically… But soon, Nirvana is not far away….

He is somewhere among you..

Think about him…