7 things women need to give their men a break from

Disclaimer – This post is based on some personal experiences and on what I have seen around while observing couples. I rarely go to malls or crowded markets but whenever I go, I have seen some horrendous examples.

For all the women and men who have males partners out there, some points to note which you should avoid or not do to your male partners. It will be beneficial for your relationships.

And all the men reading, make sure you that your partners read this.

  1. Shopping – Isn’t it obvious? 99% men hate shopping with their girlfriends and wives. The only thing we can shop for, are our own stuff, most of which we can do online now. Thanks to eCommerce website. fed-up-man-carrying-partners-shopping-bags-city-street-walking-30211263
  2. Choose colors – Roses are red, Violets are blue. Brown is the color, Of elephant poo. By now you would have understood that for men red is red so when you say “Baby, that’s not red, that’s Cherry (dipped in water, shining at 3:24 PM) ‘Red'”, trust me, it doesn’t make a freaking sense to us. Let red be red. Couple choosing paint for painting
  3. Out Late with friends – Do you think his parents allowed him late night outs with friends? No! They used to call him up every 10 minutes starting at 10:00 PM asking where the hell is he and asking him to find new parents if he is not back in 10 minutes. So, it is totally fine he is out with his friends once in a while. He is just relaxing and de-stressing, not cheating on you.miller-lite-2-new
  4. Boys Talk – Trust me, you are putting him in the most embarrassing situation when you ask him what he and his friends talk about. I am sure, he never interfered in your girls talk ever. In case he did, maybe because you intended him to ask. Leave the boys talk to boys. You maybe his best friend but their are topics which will never be discussed with you. Also, we don’t have much topics to talk about like you do. So cut them some slack.
  5. Mind the word – For men, nothing means nothing, I am fine means I am fine and ok means ok. So, don’t freaking be a ass and keep asking on “what happened?, what happened? You won’t tell me? You don’t wanna tell me? Fine, don’t tell me.” WTF! Just change the topic and it will save you from his straight face unless you want him to make up a lie and tell you something which never happened. 24dd746ea63542807560b891c5e5aae8

  6. Don’t keep an archive/reference folder – In an argument, don’t look in your freaking archive folders to bring up old and obsolete issues. Pls, don’t so that. It’s irritating and will push the guy away. It’s past, it’s gone. Chuck it!f4c1565bc6ab4bd6fd7127864bbc0824
  7. Whatsapp Read/Online Status – This is a personal one. Lol! If the message has been read or the status in online but your message has not been read, don’t take it personal. There might be an issue. He might be lying on the road in his own blood and trying to call someone but the fucking whatsapp got opened! So before sending 23 odd messages of blame, have some patience!


    In the nutshell, follow these rules to be happy and productive couple. And don’t kill me if it doesn’t work. I am just the writer who observed you!

Be patient, Be compassionate. Don’t be insecure in 10 seconds.

Think about it!!

And being said, try to take it in a humorous way!


7 vehicles that annoy RE rider the most

Now, I know it is not the machine but the man who is at flaw. But it’s been years of driving and riding and walking on the road, I have found this pattern in multiple cities. Certain vehicles have a similar way of plying.

While commuting, I start with a peaceful and calm mind, by the time I reach my destination, I feel like beating the shit out of few people.

Now, Disclaimer – These are personal views and may differ but we will care about your views in your own blog. ROFL! #JustKidding but seriously, laugh rather than burning your blood. (Read Hindi – Khoon na jalaa, paani pi, hass de veere)

So, here is the list –

  1. Autos – This is known to all like a universal fact. Right? Remember, when we were kids, teachers used to tell us that sun and earth is star and planet respectively; human body has 70% water or India is a country. In the same way, ask anyone on the road and autos would be the first thing they will quote. I have never seen any of them driving properly. None!! Across India! They are all same. As if they all go to the same school where they are taught “how not to drive on roads”general_happybirthday
  2. Avengers & 100 cc bikes – Nice bike and fine ride but it becomes annoying when the person sitting on it becomes a dickhead and feels he is riding an Enfield and starts riding faster than you to seek attention. It starts to annoy. Then comes those assholes on 100 cc bikes who ride as if their ass is on fire and they are running to find water. No rear view mirrors and god knows when did they use an indicator the last time!                                                                                    New folder (2)
  3. Wagon R – If anyone on road is in most hurry, it is these guys who drive Wagon R. Yes, I know your previous vehicle was a two-wheeler and first car you bought was this shitty box on wheels (one of the most ugliest car) but that doesn’t mean you will try to put in between 2 vehicles like you used to do with your scooter or 100 cc bike. Common, it’s a 4 wheeler, ride responsibly. Give way when you are driving slow and someone is honking. And worst part is when you drive fast on a highway trying to race with I-don’t-know-who, that shit box will overturn. It’s not made for speed. And pls get those rear view mirrors and use them.7ribandar.jpeg-660x330
  4. Government buses – Go to any city –> Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai or Kolkata. After Autos, these guys are a pain in the butt. These sons of whatever guns never drive in the left most lane dedicated for them, never look before changing lanes, are always facing breakdowns which lead to massive jams and speed in the most rash manner. Agreed? Coz I don’t have words to explain! Already annoyed.
  5. Tavera / Eeco / Sumo (CABS) –  Just like WagonR, if anyone else is in a hurry are the BPO/IT Cabs. And worst are the people sitting inside who don’t fuckin utter a word. Do I need to say more? I am already annoyed!
  6. XUV 500 – These are still bearable and not all are idiots. But, 70% I have had an encounter with, are douches. Their first car was WagonR so you can imagine how they drive. I don’t know how and why they think they are the owners of the road. Live young? Sure, do that but at least drive like an adult.
  7. White Car|Black Windows|Broken but Loud bass tube/woofer with shitty music – Yes, I know that you know that whom I am talking about. All the dickheads who have a political connection (Real & Pseudo both) are a prone to life on road. The shittiest music possible and at least 7 people in a 5 seater car. They are a threat and I have not seen even a single one being slapped a challan by police.


So, what do you think about my list? If you have any more vehicles in mind, do comment below. Or, if you want tot share any story that I can write upon as an inspiration, do share your thought.

And till then, think about it… If I offended you, think about it.. Why I did?

Ride/Drive safe.. Enjoy the road not someone’s blood. Value it.


Acid on God’s face

There was a time when people were scared maybe of no one but god. Be it any religion. Accept it, everyone used visit temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches, etc. to seek salvation and purify themselves for any wrong deed committed. But since couple of years, I don’t think we any longer have fear of God! Yes, many scriptures and text say that we should not fear god since he is our guide and our friend. I guess we have taken it too seriously. Every day we commit a wrong deed/crime and we seek salvation. We spend crores of money for our salvation but not once for the ones who need it. Similarly, every religion’s text says that we should love each other and live in harmony. Are we actually doing that? I ask!

Fucking no! Hell no! What the hell are we doing? Even animals are much more civilized than us. Every day we hear about the acid attacks on women. Majority of these cases are of people in love be it one sided or a failed love. I mean what is the definition of love? Should it be demanded or forced? There was a time when love meant care and compassion. If your mother loves you less than your brother, will you throw acid on her? There is no statistics or analysis which can show us the cases of acid attacks in India. Only thing which is there is the AFSI http://www.asfi.in/ which has posted recent data but since previous years data is not available it is hard to confirm on the numbers of cases. Durga Prasad Shukla, a member of NGO Chhanv, said “Government data shows that there were 60 cases of acid attacks in the last two years but, according to our own survey, we found the number to be close to 256,”

There was a report in TOI in January this year. Government data on acid attacks point to patriarchal societies such as UP, Delhi, Punjab and Haryana—among states with worst sex ratios—accounting for most number of victims while those with greater role for women, such as the Northeast, having negligible number of such attacks. The data, collected for 2010, 2011 and 2012, assume significance in the light of the December 3 Supreme Court order, directing all states and union territories to frame rules on acid sale by March this year. While a total of 57 cases with 65 victims were recorded in 2010, in 2012 the figure jumped to 85 cases with 101 victims. Delhi, UP, Punjab, Haryana and Bihar together accounted for 53% of all victims. In fact, Delhi (31 victims) and UP (39 victims) alone accounted for 27% of all victims (264) in the country between 2010 and 2012.

New laws, ban of sale of acid, etc can only reduce this number. Those who have lost their mental state will find a new way in future. One should realize that a failed relationship or a girl saying no is not a slap on your ego. It is just a fucking simple “No”. If you are not scared of law, be afraid of your god.

If as an atheist, I can understand the nature of this universe, you too can right? But you don’t want to accept anything. Power and Money are two main factors we are fighting for but we forget that compassion and love are bigger and valuable assets. I am not saying or asking you to live in poverty and succumb to someone’s power. I am just asking you to be wise and give a thought. If anyone says anything about your god, you are ready to burn down the whole town but at the end you are also ready to burn a face without thinking what your god will say once you are done in this world….

Stop being an ass and accept the truth!

Think about it!!

What are we becoming?

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Memoirs of an Outcast

At daybreak, I was sitting in my office bus and whilst commuting, I had my earphones plugged in with “Riders on the Storm” playing. I was furthermore reading a newspaper. There was a moment when I was lost. It was suffocating and worse part was, that I was not able to recognize the feeling.

While looking out of the window, motorists going past, green patches rolling in front of my eyes and people going past made me bear in mind one thing. I was not able to relate to even one damn human. Like I was stuck in the null void and spending whole life here is inevitable. There are a lot of notions that rotate around us. The most common is when we do not have anyone in our life to understand what we really are.
On the other front, mates tell me, one has to find the person inside oneself, but the other side of coin is bound to pursue; that is to take oneself out of the equation. One has to stay away from everyone else and keep a distance from the worldly affairs in order to be able to understand oneself and be happy.

There are a lot of queries that keep flowing in the nerves of our brain and keep hitting the cells and tissues which have thinking power.
Why every bad thing happens to me? Why am I stuck in this? What was my mistake? What wrong did I do?

We always have questions to our personal issues while we do not realize that the answers depend on our connection with rest of the world.
Every query has “ME” or “I” in it; my question is how many of your questions are not related to the world that lies outside your soul or body?
This is the first question that you need to find an answer to.

Think about it….

India’s tobacco girls..

Five-year-old Aliya thinks it is some kind of a game she must soon master to be a winner. From the time she wakes up and until she goes to bed, Aliya watches her mother and all the girls and women in her neighbourhood consumed in a frantic race. They all make beedis, the traditional hand-rolled Indian cigarettes.

For each beedi, the roller painstakingly places tobacco inside a dried leaf sourced from a local ebony tree; tightly rolls and secures it with a thread; and then closes the tips using a sharp knife.

Five year old Aliya practicing rolling beedis
Five-year-old Aliya has already begun training to roll beedis. Working between 10 and 14 hours a day, Aliya’s mother and others must roll at least a 1,000 beedis each, to earn a paltry sum of less than $2 (£1.28) paid by the middleman. The beedi manufacturers, however, make billions of dollars.

The rolled beedis are taken to the warehouses of large manufacturers where they are packaged and sold in the market for a much higher price. The beedi is hugely popular and makes for nearly half of India’s entire tobacco market.

Human robots

In Aliya’s town of Kadiri in Andhra Pradesh alone, hundreds of families have for generations relied on beedi rolling as their only means of survival.

A pair of hands damaged by continuous beedi rolling
The skin on the fingertips of the beedi-rollers gets thinner. The labyrinthine, congested lanes of the Kadiri slums are home to an assembly line of humans functioning like robots. Young girls and women sit out in the open, rocking back and forth, appearing entranced. Many have developed odd muscular motions as they push their work speed to the edge of human limits. “The pressure to keep up with the speed and meet the target is so intense that many skip their meals and even avoid drinking water so they do not need to go to the toilet,” says Shanu, a community volunteer. Almost all beedi workers in Kadiri, like in the other beedi manufacturing areas of India, are female and a large number of them are young girls.

‘Nimble fingers’

Aliya has already started her lessons and is practising rolling beedis using cuttings of plain paper. “I want to roll beedis and give the money I earn to my mother,” she says. A study released nearly three years ago estimated that a shocking number of more than 1.7 million children worked in India’s beedi rolling industry.Children are knowingly engaged by manufacturers who believe that their nimble fingers are more adept at rolling cigarettes.

11-year-old Salma with beedis she has rolled
Salma has jaundice but she still rolls 1,500 beedis a day. Under Indian law, beedi rolling is defined as hazardous work. But there is a loophole which allows children, who assist their parents in their work, to be kept out of the purview of the law. “Formally, it is the women who take the orders from the contractors. However, given the pressures these women face in terms of delivering, invariably children, mainly girls, get pulled into this to support their families in beedi rolling,” says Anita Kumar of Plan India.As part of its global campaign “Because I am Girl”, the child rights’ organisation has started a programme focused on the girl child labour in Andhra Pradesh, including girls involved in beedi making. The project will impact 1,500 girls over three years. “We are aiming to create a model by working with communities and the local government structures, ensuring that children are prevented from falling into this cycle of labour,” Ms Kumar says. From unhealthy living conditions to exploitative wages, slave-like working conditions and severe health consequences – the situation of beedi workers involves violation of their fundamental rights and freedoms on many levels. A majority of the girls are pulled out of school by the time they complete primary school to support their families’ incomes. Youngest among four siblings, 11-year-old Salma dropped out of school last year. “I wanted to continue going to school but we are very poor and have been struggling to pay the rent,” she says as she struggles to draw a breath.

Salma is suffering from jaundice and is so frail she can barely sit straight. Yet, she is tasked with rolling up to 1,500 beedis a day to support her family. She is in dire need of medical attention, but visiting the local hospital means a day off work due to long queues and a day’s wage in transport. Her parents cannot afford either.

‘No protection’

Baby in lap of mother as she rolls beedis
The adverse health impact of beedi work is visible on all age groups. The adverse health impact on beedi workers is visible on all age groups. Continuous beedi rolling leads to absorption of high doses of nicotine directly through the skin. The skin on the children’s fingertips begins to thin progressively, and by the time they reach their 40s they cannot roll cigarettes any more. The worst thing for beedi workers is the feeling that there is no protection, no welfare, no state support.In summer as the temperatures reach 45C, streets in Kadiri are engulfed in a stifling cloud of tobacco dust as infants play among heaps of tobacco leaves. Covered in a pool of sweat, young girls roll beedis with their eyes transfixed on their tobacco tray. Older women, who cannot roll any more, help with trimming the ebony leaves.

The work continues until late in the night just to secure the next day’s meal and to keep a roof above the head.

Sage Of today’s world…

Have you ever thought while sitting that you were meant to do something in this world, maybe earn a lot, be rich, have power
and fame. have you ever wondered why the hell you were born as a human. Or what is there for you to do in this god forsaken
land. Yes? maybe no? The questions sometimes cannot be answered. Can they? We travel to places, temples, places of peace, etc.
But it happens very less that we find all the answers in life. A recent breakup, failing in exams, loss of a close one,
office issues, frustration on the society’s system, etc.. Issues can be many that can lead to disturbance in mind.

Today I am sharing a story of a person I met and understood properly, Though I am still trying to understand him.
As I feel he is not of this world. He came to this world for something above these petty issues. I am not saying he doesn’t
have issues but he looks them as nothing but dust. He was born in this era for a job to perform.Earlier, his name was kept on “Brahma”, but his mother changed his name after “Vishnu”. As a child he was naive, as Brahma, he used to fight for things just as Brahma fights for the status of being a “god”. As he grew up to be a teenager his mind developed and he started showing signs of Vishnu. He had girls around him. His friends included both males and females but ratio of females was higher. He was a protector of all, very friendly and easy going. He was aware of life and death and knew the fears of people around him. He was still naive in the sense of mind as he was developing. It took a lot of time for the development. He has still a lot of miles to complete to attain the knowledge of why the hell he was born. The only difference is that he has got a fair idea.

Now, with change in time and age, he has developed characteristics of “Shiva”. He doesn’t want luxuries. This doesn’t mean
he has got rid of them, it’s just that he is the sage of new era. He dresses like us, uses a smart phone, has access to certain
things but he is here to something more than just earn and get rich. He has started hating man made things. He just uses them and
do not like them. Today, his main aim is to earn respect and smiles across the world. To help people get rid of their negativity.
He wants to take out the sadness, evil, in short negativity out of people, letting them live in happiness.

He now works alone, trying to be an outcast. He is no god but believes god/some supernatural power is inside him. He is a copy of “Shiva”
He is yet to grow more, spiritually, mentally and physically… But soon, Nirvana is not far away….

He is somewhere among you..

Think about him…