Liquer – the elixir of mind! ;)

Last night was my 39th night of deliverance! Have been drinking every night now! Alcohol is a very good option to rejuvenate when you have no option to remove stress! I know its not the ultimate solution but it surely helps you to find one. Looking at the various brands tried so far, a fair description os what to drink when. Here it goes!

Let’s start with whiskey, it is a drink which should be taken when you are in a lounge or wanna relax with friends and family. It is kind of drink for age group above 25, mature minds who know how to handle the drinks. It should be taken slowly. This can include malts, scotch or bourbon Vodka is second on my list, its said to be a girl’s drink and besides its side effect on men, which is myth, else russians will never could have babies, is a drink to get spoiled on. The next will be champagne or wine! Now we all know when to drink that and few others! So skipping to last!

Shots shots shots! The drinks that are for freaks! Total screwing up to get wasted instantly! Should be done at parties which have high octane energy pumped up! Or if you wanna get laid pretty quick! Yeah exactly!

Go on… Think about it.. 😉

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