M Cream Movie Review

A hypocrite is equally honest with everyone; even himself.

Many of us believe that wrongs aren’t wrong if it’s done by nice people like ourselves. ~Jason Rainbow, c.1979

Everyone has a hypocrite hiding inside. Many of us live in denial mode but it’s true and fact. Somewhere, I am too. I usually don’t watch Hindi movies in theaters. I did this time. Well, mostly because of Ira Dubey. As per my personal view, after Nandita Das, she is one of the most beautiful and powerful artist.
But what should we do? That’s not the question. What can you do? is the question.
Well! Nothing!. Yes, you heard me.

When was the last time you stood up for a cause and called it yours? When did you last feel about anything?
You can do nothing till the time you become true to yourself and explore yourself. Many of us can’t and I understand. We are bound by responsibilities and it’s not easy to come out of it. But find a passion in life and exploit it. Go on a Trip (Read:LSD). Go to the hills, sit in peace, absorb and be affected by someone else’s cause. Join a revolution and use your life to be worth something more than the usual bullshit.

This is what movie is all about. Honestly, it is all about how you perceive it. My personal views for the movie are that it was slow, a little lost and a great movie. After really long we have got a brilliant movie like this.


Ira Dubey and Imaad Shah have done a brilliant job. An activist and a weed loving, high class society brat can have many things in common once they look deep within. The roles have been portrayed amazingly by both the artists. The direction is great and I fell in love with background score of the movie. Nikhil Malik, Srijan Mahajan and Arsh Sharma have done a brilliant work with the music. The beauty of the hills and simplicity of life took my heart. Well, its because, I myself go to the hills to find my peace.
My post of heaven in the hills is what being portrayed in the film.

The movie does leave you in a blank space in the end and it is up to you to find the right ending since you must find the end of what you have started. The movie is just a catalyst and food for thought.

In the end, my suggestion would be, next time you go on a road trip; while exploring the place & people, explore yourself as well. It will be the most amazing trip. Trust me.

And oh! Go watch the movie! Totally worth it! Bol Bum! Bum Bhole Nath! And maar Dum!

Think about it…



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