Ma Durga is just a woman!

There was a time when women were our responsibility. And not just our women but every women in society. They were respected and looked upon as a guide light or creator of mankind. They were able to move around freely and very few societies across the world looked upon them as objects. Sounds like a dream? Well, yes it was and still a dream coz the era i am talking about is the time humans came into being. And that’s hell long time back. Somewhere down the line, a lot changed. Humans became hypocrites. We made Maa Durga, Shakti, Lakshmi, Saraswati and lot more in the image of of women coz women are pure. But we forgot that the same women on street, houses, roads, etc.. are also humans. They became objects.

Sexual objects. They were suppressed, the were killed, raped and molested. You think Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati were not molested. They surely would be if they came down to earth. Those who rape and molest might have a disorder or psychologically imbalanced. There is no difference between these guys and those who blame women for wearing shirt clothes or staying out late in the night. If they think testosterone shoot up coz of such women and they attract boys so that means such people also get attracted and they are potential rapists.

Remember the time when you kill a a mosquito even before it bites you, in the same way, kills those bastards. These are obvious cases.

Feminism, misogyny and misandry are just terms. What we need to hear is If everyone is a human or not. Something and someone cannot be your property just coz you want it. It can be yours but you have to be worthy enough. And to earn the respect. Till then fuck yourself.!!

You might say, shut the fuck up, Rishabh! What is the solution?


1. Documentaries like the one BBC made on Nirbhaya, show it on DD and other channels. What is the use of asking people to change their mindset if we try to ban such life changing documentaries?

2. After or before the national anthem in a movie hall, show those documentaries. What will happen? It may work as a catalyst in changing the mindset of some retards.!!

3. Hang every rapist, molester and anyone guilty of harming someone! It’s anyhow rarest of rare crime!. And the same should be telecast on national television and radio.

4. Teach priests, maulvis and fathers and other religious gurus to preach safety of women in the current scenario.!!

5. Teach the youth sex education.

6. Bring in more jobs so that the youth gets occupied and is not sitting idle.

7. Teach the men how to control and introduce meditation classes. With so much stress in today’s world, it’s practical option.

8. Make prostitution legal. And under state control

9. Educate

10. Educate.


11. Educate forcefully!!

If you have any more suggestions, write them below in the comment section.


Think about it …!!


2 thoughts on “Ma Durga is just a woman!

  1. Parul says:

    It’s all about the mindset, upbringing, values …. I believe. Just like we are told to respect elders, parents as a child….Same way we should be told to respect human beings and humanity first. Few things you’ve mentioned above will definitely help but there’s no guarantee as people who have got best of jobs also exploit women , people who are well educated too, at times look at a women as an object only…..So, I believe that an initial duty of every human being should be to imbibe good values within themselves where they see , respect n treat each other as equals. There shouldn’t be any superiority, divide amongst genders.

    You rightly said-“Something and someone cannot be yout property just coz you want it. It can be yours but you have to be worthy enough”…….. A man with million bucks may consider himself worthy of getting any woman he desires to be with…..But that shouldn’t be the case. Men should learn to earn that companionship , compassion, love where women too wants to be with them and feel secure that they’ll be treated well and respected for what they are. They won’t be judged coz of their choice of clothes n lifestyle…. I just want to thank you for sharing this n I people should get the message right 🙂


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