Asura – The tale of the vanquished; Book Review

I have developed a habit of reading religious books and mythological novels. History was always a bugger for me in school. It was like my archenemy. But now, it fascinates me maybe because I always ran from it so now I am an eager appetite to learn it. Anyways, few days back I was flipping through kindly do not laugh as once you are into IT industry online store is the only source of shopping and books are the only articles I buy online for obvious reasons. Clothes don’t fit, electronics are piece of crap so books are the only option left. So, I was searching for Thomas Hardy and Daniel Silva when my eagle eyes [read: Sarcasm] fell on this book “Asura-The tale of the vanquished”. I have always been searching for the story of Ravana. Though I had got some knowledge of him on the basis of how intelligent he was and what powers he had but I wanted a man based association and not as a GOD like figure.

The book showcases Ravana as a normal person, a king actually but not the one with supernatural powers. Common! We all know there were kings and the ones whose story got exaggerated became Gods. We can call wind, earth, water, etc. as Gods for obvious reasons but not some humans who were leaders or kings. Anyhow, the book revolves around Ravana and Bhadra. Bhadra was a meager guy in a village which was tormented by Devas. He, in order to seek revenge joined Asuras. The Asuras had mighty rule over India and Lanka before they were uprooted by Devas.

The story is about revenge of Asuras on Devas to get back what was their own. To protect their culture and heritage which was being destroyed by Devas. There is also highlights of difference in ideas, gods, culture and thought process of the two communities and their clash.

It starts with Ravana as a boy whose father was a Brahmin, who disowns the family and Ravana has to take care of everyone. His childhood, his teenage, his anger, his excitement, his dreams, his thoughts and becoming a mighty king of Lanka and more than half of India is revealed here. The book states [this was a head turner] that Sita was kidnapped by Ravana [you knew?] but it was not his lust but fatherly love [Got ya!]. Yes the book states that Ravana was Sita’s father and Sita was lost in the way when Ravana was busy fighting wars and Sita was few weeks old.

Rest, I leave it on you to explore.. It’s totally a must read. I loved the book…. And the concept.
Go check it out…

Me? Signing off… Sitting in Hard Rock Café is calling me for a Karaoke now…

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